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  1. Ok, so I'm doing a 16 gallon tub grow and my friend got me tiny baskets. I was wondering does basket size actually matter since my roots will be feeding down into the water? Also once the roots come out of the clay how low should I go below the baskets? Thanks in advance.
  2. im using 3 inch baskets... will i have to upgrade or will i be fine?
  3. Netcup size doesn't matter the size of the tub you have matters you should only grow 1 or 2 plants in that tub max
  4. Well shit what's the rule of thumb for plants per gallon? It's a 16 gallon tub
  5. Really it's personally your choice I've seen 8 plants in a 16 gallon tub. I started with 3 in each of my 10 gallon tubs. That's where you run into a problem if your not using female seeds untangling males later sucks. And if you have any rez issues like root rot you can loose them all.

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  6. Well you can start as many plants as you want in the tub but when the roots start getting long you should move them into different tubs before they get tangled and you won't have to untangle them other wise the plants won't grow fully and if you get root rot like the guy above me said will spread to them all
  7. Thanks for your feedback ill have to watch them all closely. Separating them into different containers isnt a solution for me really since im doing a closet grow im really limited. Also Whats the best methods to avoid root rot or tangling? Thanks for being so helpful
  8. I think aqua shield or sm 90 works to prevent it but I wouldn't buy it unless you actually experience root rot
  9. Roger that brother thank you. Whats the tell tale signs of root rot? And should i pull the babies all the way out once a day just to double check and untangle just in case?

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