Basics: Size of Pot for Yield and Height

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  1. Here is the general rule for those who want to know:

    1 gal = 1oz

    2 gal = 2oz

    3 gal = 3oz

    This sometimes varies a few grams in either direction.

    Of course there are some differences and exceptions but these are the general rules. You should also know that corresponds to plant height as well. You want about 1 gallon of space for each 12" of growth.

    Growing Ebb & Flow trays or Ebb & Grow buckets with Hydroton etc, bypasses the general rule.

    What are your experiences?
  2. imo, it all depends on the size of the plant, not the pot. The smaller the pot the more often you'll have to water/fertilize.
  3. wow... I think this might have answered my question. Looks like I would get double the yield having 1 plant with two gallons. Thanks a lot SC, + rep.
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  8. I agree as well i've seen big plants in very little soil
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    i grow in 8"coco baskets in a recirculating drip. they must be about a gallon each. my least yeilding grow was 1.75 ounces plus some good icolator. i used a bad technique for that strain which is low yielding anyway. I am getting 4 ounces a plant usnig lucas and no other additives. tank changes once per grow, not once per week. no co2 either. just a 600w hps.

    i did not have time due to health reasons to spend much time on my last grow and broke a bunch of rules. still got over 6oz (4+2) from 2 plants and one was a known low yeilder.

    added: i don't veg them long (last grow got almost no veg time) and they don't get to be more than 3ft tall

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