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  1. Nine MS Paint pictures, nine steps. This will work with just soil, water and light - add and change elements as you go.

    1. Find a viable seed

    2. Germinate with wet paper towel inside plastic bag kept aprx. 85deg for 2-7 days

    3. Monitor until root is aprx. 1/4 in long

    4. Fill a pot (at least 1gal) with soil and place seed in the center, aprx. 1/2 in below the the surface with the root pointing down.

    5. Once it sprouts place it under your light source for 24/0 and you will be ready to watch your seedling grow.

    6. Make sure the light can reach new growth along the stem and branches while vegging (growing the plant)

    7. A vegged plant will double in size during flowering so determine how large a plant you want.

    8. Switch your lights to 12/12 and look for the sex of the plant to show within 1-2 weeks. Males look like balls and mean you have to destroy the plant but white hairs mean you have a female and are good to go.

    9. Wait the appropriate amount of time for your plant to bud up and harvest:hello:
    water when its dry and keep the air around it moving and you will have some good weed!

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  2. for bonus points you should depict the grower using "rage comics" faces appropriate to each frame.

  3. DO NOT KEEP YOUR BAG at 85 degrees, Put moist paper towels in a bag with your seeds between the sheets, keep in a dark area for maximum 3-4 days checking on them everyday, keeping them a week in there, there gonna die or rot.

    A better method is putting the seeds in a cup of water for a few days it can take up to 5 days , until they look like:
    if they don't pop they are dead seeds.
    Why this method is better:
    You don't have to worry about your paper towel drying up if its too hot.
    No worries about the seeds being too moist and rotting if you kept them too long in an enclosed bag.

    As soon as a the root pops out plant it.

    24 hours is gonna make your plant stay short and bushy
    if you want your plant to grow in height and be big and bushy run it at 18/6

    Keep them vegging for atleast a month if you want a good decent sized plant, the longer the veg and the bigger the plant gets the bigger your harvest.

    The most average amount of flowering time for a plant, is 2-2.5 months.
    if you have a microscope magnifying glass you can see when the thc turns smokey, then they are ready to harvest.
    If you don't have a microscope, then you can also determine when there truly ready is when all of her white hairs turn amber or atleast a good 80% of them.

    also the basics of growing is harvesting its one of the most important parts, you can grow a good plant, but if you can't harvest it and dry it properly then the buds are shit and you just lost all your hard work down the drain.

    lol, im not trying to be rude or anything, but i figured I should clean up a few of your mistakes so other people don't follow this and ruin their seeds or worse.
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    When the trichs get cloudy* and about 10% amber. Usually 8-12 weeks. And you should NOT pay any attention to the hairs.

    The paper towel method is better IMO, as long as the paper towel is in something keeping moisture in and it's around 75-80 degrees mine pop within a day or two.
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    It's funny how there's people on here thinking there is one awesome way to do things and they know it :mad:. Obviously you don't research any further than finding a thread where you like what someone else is doing and then you go ahead and assume all that information is dead on.

    Obviously there are a few things I didn't go into like, oooh I don't know - grow medium, light selection, nutrients, nute schedule, PH monitoring, light schedule options, grow techniques like LST, scrog, supercropping etc, trichome ratios during harvest and harvesting in general, but this wasn't supposed as a grow bible and there are really good threads already on all those things and anything else you need to know.

    First off, soaking a seed in water is meant to be done PRIOR to germination not exclusivly as a method to germinate. If you leave an already popped seed just sitting in water you're most definately going delay your seedling once you move it into your medium.

    And you obviously aren't too bright if you have allowed a wet paper towel inside a plastic bag to dry out. I never suggested anyone be negligent during any phase of their grow. Im not going to argue about temp and germ time cause it varies with genetics but there is nothing wrong with germing at 85deg so I don't know what you're talking about there.

    24/0 is easier for beginners because they don't have to get started on a timer for a grow that might just be experimental. Light schedule is a matter of personal preference.

    Do some more reading because if anyone is passing on bad advice it's you. Post some of your results and in the mean time check out mine because I can actually back this up.

  6. It's also funny how wrong you are, I know there are tons of ways to grow, tons of different things to do to a plant. You are obviously quick to judge before you know anything, obviously your going off in a rant because i added a few suggestions to your stupid little post.

    You can do either or, i always do the cup method, all my seeds are fine, there really is no difference, the seeds pop, you take them out you put them in soil, ive done both at the same time they do not delay the seedling, they both came and grew at the same rate.

    Try living in a very dry climate, you'll see a big difference in your ways.

    if your gonna grow a seed spending money to use electricity, why would you just experiment, why not do it right from the beginning, its gonna take the same amount of money and time.

    I know my advice is good, ill post my results when i start my new grow, i never recorded things because there was no reason for me to record my shit because I wasn't growing to share how I grow with others.
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    Your advice was decent. Lets not get ahead of our selves:rolleyes:

    No offense, but both of you are arguing over nothing but controversial ways of growing debated by everyone who grows, and not in a different way. (pointless)

    @ op, all your steps are correct, but it is a very loose starter (as you mentioned)

    @govermint, you made some good/valid points, but some were wrong. I recommend questioning rather than bashing others way of growing.

  8. :smoke: Ya I just smoked so I'm cool now lol. I was just so annoyed when I saw that because I started this for fun and as a joke (not that any info is wrong) and I thought that was obvious. :wave:
  9. [quote name='"PDBM"']:smoke: Ya I just smoked so I'm cool now lol. I was just so annoyed when I saw that because I started this for fun and as a joke (not that any info is wrong) and I thought that was obvious. :wave:[/quote]

    I'm glad it was meant to be funny. I thought it was hilarious. Nine ms paint drawings. The first thing I thought was "Really?" Lol.
  10. Haha I should apply for a job animating south park episodes

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