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basically insomnia

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gatorade, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. i think i basically have insomnia because i havnt smoked. i have court today at 2 pm and its 5 am right now, i cant fall asleep to save my life, i think its because im so used to being burned out i can just fall asleep whenever, but i havnt smoked the past few days and i cant fall asleep until like 6 am or later. i even tried doing push ups and sit ups to make me tired but it doesnt work, i feel like i just took an adderall. how long is this going to last until i can fall asleep like a normal person again :confused: only thing i can think of is going to see if i have nyquil but i probably wont wake up until like 10 min before i have to be at court. but my main point is how long will it last :(
  2. usually it takes 2-3 days for my sleep equilibrium to restore once i begin a tolerance break. This is going from an everyday smoker to nothing.

    for the sleep issue, i usually take a melatonin supplement an hour or so before i want to sleep, but I need at least 8 hours of sleep on melatonin otherwise i feel groggy in the morning. I would say drink some milk, then lie down in your bed with all the lights out and something over your eyes to block the sun (sunlight signals your body to begin seratonin production). Don't think about anything.. concentrate on relaxing the individual muscles of the body starting with your feet to your neck.

    Make sure you set some alarms bro, you definately don't wanna miss your court date, but staying up the whole time without it will make you feel like and look like shit in court so you should at least attempt to get some.

    edit: and just FYI, doing exercises will only make you tired in the long run over a period of hours. The body produces adrenaline and all kinds of fun stuff to keep you awake when you exercise
  3. I can't sleep for the life of me when I don't smoke. Last time I tried that I was up till seven and basically said, "fuck tolerance breaks, I just need more oil!" And that was that back on the weed and concentrates and now I sleep like a baby.

    The funny thing is I used to be the type of person who could fall asleep whenever, I never used to have a problem sleeping until I began smoking on the daily that I developed this problem. I even fell asleep while very much frying on acid once.

    Tomorrow I am going to try and get some melatonin and not re-up so I can see if I can sleep with out weed. I usually never give it more than one day because my sleep gets thrown way too out of whack and I can't function.
  4. You are just a bunch of wimps.
    I stop/start smoking like a light switch.
    It's all in your head man, get a grip!

    And if you must use something, go for Al when Herb is absent.
    Sex does wonders for your sleepyness too! (preferred solution)
  5. Takes me about a week to be able to sleep after not smoking. It's all good tho, nothing TO perminant...
  6. WTF! that sucks ass. I can sleep no matter what.

    have you guys tried melatonin? it's supposed to help regulate your sleeping patterns. excersise during the day may help too.
  7. valerian root and gaba can work wonders..go to gnc or an herb shop..i know its too late to help with your court date, but just to help with sleeping
  8. i have your exact problem and i've self medicated instead of using sleeping medicines to help me sleep.

    when i sleep after 6am, i'll usually wake up anytime from 3-6pm. if you ask me thats a waste of a day.

    to restore my sleeping cycle i stay up for an entire day, if you can stay up until 7am, why not for another 12 hrs? if you do decide to stay up, you will be hit with the sleep bug at like 3pm but you must fight it and not decide to take a nap.

    by the time its 9-10pm you'll be smooth sailing on the way to sleep. you will be tired and all you want is sleep.

    but wait...if you sleep early, most likely you'll wake up early if youre like me. if i sleep early, i'll wake up at like 5am. and then ill get drowsy at noon and want to take a nap. to counter this, i go for a jog.

    exercise plays a big role in sleep. if you have a lot of energy; most likely you'll stay up. go for a good jog, work on your car, go do errands, do laundry, clean the house, just put yourself outthere, so that you can "wear" out your days energy. then at night you can sleep and retore that energy
  9. Pop an advil PM or something, but whatever you do, don't get down and start working out. That will get your addrenaline going and thus making it harder for you to sleep. Workouts are meant to be done hours before bed, that could be what your problem is.

    If you place the pressure of dimes on your eyeballs, lids closed of course, it will calm your heart beat, and if you lay on your right side, it will also calm your heart beat. Two good tricks to help you dose off.

    Just lay there and imagine pure black in your mind, no thoughts will help you slip off into sleep quicker.
  10. thanks everyone for the help, i can sleep easier now, but bad news is i failed my whiz quiz. the last time i smoked was at minimum 15 days ago, and when i did, i only smoked a joint with 2 other people (i went thru the pain of watching them smoke the other 2) then i took 2 small hits out of a bowl, i was wondering, do you think i would be able to pass my next test? if i dont, im goin to jail :(. only weight ~145 lb.

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