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Basic Water Extraction

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. In a couple of days when I pick up again I plan on not smoking my buds, but making basic water hash. My dealer usually gets me low to mid mids for pretty cheap (20 a quarter to half oz every time, usually on the higher end of the amount given if the shit is of lower quality).

    Anyway, I looked up in my book "Hashish!" by Robert Connel Clarke on the basics and finer aspects of hashish making and decided to use Sadhu Sam's Secret Water Hashish Technique.

    I'd list the whole process out, but it's much easier simply to summarize in this case.

    Here's what I plan to do. Put about a quarter oz. worth of finely ground mj (seeds, if any, and stems removed) into a standard, 1 pint mason jar. Pour ice cold water into the mason jar until it is 1/3 inch from the top of the jar. Close the jar with a lid.
    Shake vigorously for five minutes or so.

    Remove the lid.
    Skim the top layer of leaves and other debris and repeat water rinsing in another jar.
    pour out all but 1 inch of the water from the top of the sandy concentration of trichomes and capilate stalks (kief) at the bottom.
    Pour the rest of it into a coffee filter covered in an old t-shirt to prevent ripping. Repeat process with remaining water until satisfied.
    Squeeze remaining water out of the now concentrated hash through the coffee filter until palpable. Should squeek in hands and should feel like recently used chewing gum.
    Put on clean disposable plastic gloves.
    Knead and rub hash until dry. Dry with a hair drier or other low heat source. If it starts to smell you are heating it too much. Use of a lighter may become necessary.

    Anyway, I plan on letting the hash dry for an hour or so before smoking it, but if it takes longer i'll continue kneading it in the hopes of preventing mold from forming if I end up storing some of it (I have no idea how much I'm going to get or if I can smoke it all in one session, probably not since it's a 1/4 oz.'s worth of ganja).

    This will be my first time making hash and would like to know if you guys think this will work.
  2. HIGH All, haven't tried it that way...if it turns out good for you...yup I'll give it a try. Keep us posted eh.
  3. i like this method better that the one i tried, Which was with ethyl alcohol and letting evaporate
  4. kind of expensive but does the job amazingly!
  5. Yeh, i've been aware of the existence of bubblebags and it's fine product, bubble hash, for sometime now. Unfortunately I can't afford such expensive equipment and I wouldn't be able to justify such an expense without first growing enough bud to where making some hash would be a worthy venture. This is more like "poor man's bubblehash" so I hope it works, gonna pick up in two days or so. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

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