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Basic Rules of How Not to Get Caught with Bud in your Car

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by puffpuffhold420, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. I think some of the biggest fears that come from nontokers usually involve something like "getting caught" by the police. So I compiled a list of things to do/or not do in order to have a safe trip home from your dealio.
    • Before anything happens! Please don't dress like an FBI agent - all black, sunglasses, a're not in a gang bang movie and you're drawing attention to yourself.
    • After the dealio goes down, don't run to your vehicle. You need to walk slowly and maybe spend more than just 5 minutes at the person's house. Make it look like you're seeing an old friend; you are anyway, after all. *Also please remember the basic idea: forget you even have weed.
    • Please remember to buckle your seatbelt. This is a law in my state and if we get caught without a seatbelt, we automatically get fined at least $75. On that note, remember to act casual. Don't break other laws on the road on top of breaking a BIG law. Speeding, not fully stopping at signs or red lights, tailgating, refusing to give a signal when turning, all of these can possibly get you pulled over. Since we're all adults here, also please make sure your insurance and tags are up to date.
    • Obviously the idea is to not give them a reason to pull you.
    • Don't ever leave bud in a bag in the passenger seat, out in the open. Always think of a way to hide it, it doesn't have to be sophisticated! *And if you do get pulled, don't stop the car and immediately try to stash it.
    • Good hiding places include: small baggie underneath steering column (where you adjust the height of the wheel); cover the container in black duct tape and use the tape to sit the stash underneath the seat; if your car comes with a small compartment above the front seats (say for holding a garage door key), this is an excellent place to hide it and I will be explaining that later.
    • There really is such a thing as too friendly, don't listen to what your mama said. Being way too nice gives people the creeps sometimes .....especially cops.
    Now if you DO get pulled, here are some things to think about:
    • Don't panic. The cop is probably just wanting to see your license or registration. Don't immediately go to the thought that he witnessed you purchasing bud.
    • Don't be a moron and run. You will get caught and your jail time will be much longer for evading a police officer.
    • Know your rights! This is your best bet at making it out! If the cop pulls you over and says he wants to search your vehicle, remind him that he will need a warrant for that and if you aren't under arrest, then ask him if it is ok if you leave. If he continues to question you about the search, continue asking if you're under arrest or allowed to leave.
    • If you are suspected of either carrying or toking, then you'll have to sit back and pray as you watch the drug dogs search your car.
    • Here's the skinny on drug dogs: every stoner thinks they're super smellers or they're better than the average dog...simply not true. Drug dogs are average dogs with a job basically. They smell everything the exact same way our puppies do > humans can only smell one food at a time (steak, pees, baked potatoes) > dogs can smell more than 1,000 foods at once and are able to pick out ingredients in food. Yes, they certainly are great smellers but dogs will be dogs. They play, they eat, and eat some more, and then go to work. If you're a car hoarder, it might not be such a bad thing. Stuff some burger wrappers underneath the seat if you've been smoking or have a stash and the dog will hit on it.
    • Another important thing to know is that drug dogs cannot smell the interior of cars with all the doors and windows shut. So don't go for the obvious gas tank maneuver. Always stash your bud inside the car, near the ceiling. Even large dogs can only jump into a car and basically smell everything in front of them or below them. The higher you're weed is, the higher you'll be later on (remember that).
    • Here's a stupid thing cops do as an excuse to allow his dog to smell your car; in the police academy, each officer with a K9 unit is taught how to train their dog to retrieve things, attack people, back off, etc. What they don't tell you is that they're also taught to train their dogs with a "que word". More often than not, a stoner gets pulled because of the MJ smell. When the cop comes with the dog, the dog usually will not hit on anything. I'm being totally serious! I've seen it done! So in order to make his trip worthwhile, the cop may say something like "Get in there" or "Go buddy" to the dog in order to get him to scratch your door...the que words being "Get" and "Go". So it sounds totally normal bullshit to us but to the dog, it means there's a treat for him later on.
    My final rule is this: if you cannot hold it together long enough to get your bud, you either don't need to be smoking at all or you need a ride. Nervous people get pulled over. It's a statistic.

  2. Alot of people who get pulled over with weed are already stoned..then they get paranoid as fuck and give themselves away.
    The main rule is don't smoke in your car..cops will notice the smell every time. Keep the dank jarred up and smoke it when you get home.
  3. Fun fact having a drug dog "hit" on your car does not grant the officer the right to search the vehicle. He still must call up the judge and tell him the dog hit and explain why he thinks its ok. But most people instantly give up after the Police officer says the dog hits. Its not over, its another reason to get a warrent but they still must get one none the less.

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