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  1. I have been playing with a bunch of different nutrients and i think i am taking my green for a wild ride. What should i use to get a constant good to go nutrient compound. Any brands in particular, fox farm is evil and seems to want to brown the shit out of mine.
  2. iive had great sucess w/ botanicare pbp, using the technaflora b.c. line right now and like the results even more. look for their recipe for sucess its their whole line in a trial pack for around 30$
  3. where can i find it? the set of the 3?
  4. If you want basic nutrients.

    Go with Fox Farm or Sunshine soil

    and Advanced nutrients or General hydroponics

    Grow, Micro, bloom

    3 part nutrient series.

    Very basic and easy to use and pH buffered.
  5. i second the botanicare i used the whole line from liquid karma to cal mag to clear to sweet basically all botanicare products but wat i can pull away from is that their bottle doses(dose on the bottle) is pretty damn good
    and i say that because all my grows have been great with beatiul green leaves never lacking anything and in the flowering goodness crystals like heaven and also 90% of their products are organic derived compared to alot of fuckin chemical ferts out there
    If Don n aaron From DNA seeds use it and they compete for the cannibis cup im sure that should give botan. a crutch right there

  6. All nute lines will burn your plants if you give them too much. Keep that in mind when using other nutrient lines. ;)

    I use the FF line (trio and AN's) without issues. :smoke:

    Good luck!

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