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  1. Hey guys i have just finished my bubbleponics system out of a fish tank and i had a couple questions
    1. Can you just use regular mirical grow plant food? If not what is recommended

    2. Can i just use a regular lightbulb or do i need to buy a legit lighting system?

    3. How much would about 4 plants of reg produse and how can i maxumize flush? And when is the best time to harvest?

    Keep in mind im not looking to grow medical marijuana im just wanting to grow some alright bud on the side so keep it cheap if u can but still effective
  2. 1... unless you know exactly whats in it.... NO... but some have had success
    2. use a CFL light bulb... soft white(flower) and daylight(veg)
    3. usually based on the total wattage you have running...1/2 a gram a watt per month of flower... 100 watts minimum per plant......

    im not going to answer the flush question... its a personal question about growing.. some do, some don't....... choose

    this is a CFL
  3. Thanks for the help im getting my nutrients from GH here pretty soon and for lighting i did a bunch of research on this site and others and i desided to go with LED and it puts out 420 watts of light so that should be good for 4 plants
  4. whats the make/model number on the LED light

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