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  1. Sup? I ran out of my crop like 2 weeks ago. I decided I didn't want to wait until next year so I figured I'd do some indoor growing but, unfortunately, I have no clue where to start. Basically, I need someone to tell me the proper soil, light, fertilizer and basic tips on Indoor Growing. If you guys need some outdoor help, trust me, I can answer any question you got for outdoor. thanks
  2. If I May ask,

    How many plants you are plotting for?
    What size room?
    And what type of budget are you working out of?

    A good basic soil is 2/3rds potting soil (get it at ace for 2.50 per 40 pound bag.) and 1/3rd perlite mixed together. you shouldnt have to worry about fortilizing for a while, but grab a higher nitro end fertilizer for veging, you could just grab shultz's mix and make things easier, or if your going organic youll have to wait for some other responses as fertilizers are definately not my line...

    You probably wanted to plant the seeds you already have, and so you probably know how tall (so you can customize your space) they usually get if they are from your outdoor crop... although note that outdoor varieties may take a few attempts to condition to indoor growing enviroments, and so you may not get the desired reult first time around with seeds that have been produced from an outdoor plant. so its reccomended taht you aquire some indoor, and as arseface says, compact plants for the first time around, itll help manage your crop while getting used to growing indoors also as well as maximizing your light.... which..

    if you have the cash, hps it for sure. if not, flourescents are a fine substitute, arse and myself for example, have gotten decent results using them the entire grow, so if they are all you can afford they will work, but if this is what you use, do not let your plants get over a foot and a half tall before flowering as fluro. lights wont handle 7 foot plants, just not intense enough.

    speaking of flowering, buy a timer.
    a digital timer if possible - stanley johnson (theres a comp. generated name if Ive ever seen one..) on has great deals on digital intermatic timers (two for 10 bucks just cant beat it.) I would set your seedlings light sched. to be 24/7 for a week or so till the first transplant (and for veging seedling you will need fluorescents, wether the rest of your grow will be with them or not...seedlings cannot take the intensity of a hps or mh at thier stage) and at that point, stick your plants under the true grow lights, be it fuoros or hps, drop the light down to 18on 6off ... cant stress enough how important it is to keep your room absolutely dark during the off cycle, light leaks will stress your plants and the result may be hermaphrodites. also, if fuoros are used, keep them only a few inches from the tops of the plants at all times...

    this should get you going for now, i cant really think of anything else youd need to know at this point, im sure you know how to germ the seeds. but... just stick them between a few pieces of paper towel and put it in a bagy to keep it moist and when they sprout, plant them point down into your starter cups, try to use something other than your fingers to do it though.

    also advisable is to keep a small fan on your plants during the seedling stage, as it will strengthen the stems.

    hope this helps a bit...

    take care.

    when you take the initial leap and get things going let us know, like they said up there, read through and educate yourself a how to flower whe your at that to be able to tell when your at that to pick a fertilizer for your specific grow..etc, youll have fun doing it.. that way you will get all the basics you need from them and can come and ask the more specifics and uncovered subects here...
  3. WOW! Thanks for all the info. I think I'll quit asking my dumbass friends questions about growing, at start asking you guys. ;)

    But anyway,

    I am growing my plants in my celler below the house. It stays constantly dry down there but, there is hardly any ventilation. I'm sure I can solve that by simply installing a fan in the room. But anyway, its dry, and dark (especially at night, cant see a damn thing.) And I could probably fit like 30 or so in there. But due to other problems with my location, I cant have a massive garden. I could probably pull off 6. But thats about it. I kinda have a little budget for the equipment. I have $200.00 right now and that is all I might get for awhile. So, if you would, tell me what I can buy for $200.

    I had some other questions I wanted to ask. I have some friends who will argue with me that, growing indoor=better weed. I swore it was, outdoor=better weed. What do you guys think? Or do you think it just depends on the experience of the grower? Also, this morning I was reading up on some hydroponics. It would take me quite a while to get the money up for the supplies so I was thinking about just making one. But, I would imagine it would be pretty hard wouldn't it? Well, thats about it. Again, thanks for the info.

    Here is detailed instructions for the hydro system I wanna build.

    Tell me if it would be worth it.
  4. 200 bucks is plenty for a first grow.. no matter what your told.

    you need to make sure your plants are getting at least 18 hours of light, so you will have to deal with this in your cellar and make it work off a timer as described. i dont know the dimensions of your grow area to go into any type of detail...but dont plan on growing 30 plants... 6 is a push and I hope you are able to control odor...

    the light (which reminds me of a heat issue, what is the temp regularly down there in the dark?), if you decide to buy one will be the most expensive thing... for this head to and check out what they have... generally you want 2000 lumens per foot of grow space... if you want 6 plants following this rule and if you are using lets say a 4 x 5 foot area (20 sq. ft.) which i think is plenty for 6 plants if the setup is right then a 400w hps light would give you 2250 lumens per sq. this is plenty.

    a 400 hps on inside sun i believe is pretty cheap... do not recall, you will have to look for yourself.

    hydroponics is good, Ive never grown this way, I cant help you there, I know if done right you will most likely get better and bigger results than with soil. i will not go into the pros and cons right here, you can find them all over this board, and on

    I think wether or not indoor is better than outdoor depends on weather, soil conditions, care, proper lighting etc... outdoor plants will get bigger... but better? i dont think anyone can say which is better, your conditions for outdoor may provide better results than I could ever hope for growing indoor... than again if your land has nothing but clay and you live in seatle or some other place where the sun dont shine it would be the complete opposite.... hope this helps a bit more.

    take care.


    400w hps for 150.00

    figure 3 40lb bags of soil and a few bags of perlite = somewhere around 15.00

    = 165.oo

    plus buckets (which if you dont have them can be aquired virtually free) 3 bucks a piece comes out to 3, 6, 9.... 18.00 for 6.

    = 183.00

    plus fertilizer.. lets say 5 bucks so thats

    188 bucks...

    and still enough for the first light bill!

    give or take ten bucks.

    take care.
  6. of course this is assuming and not including that you have seeds already and that your heating bill will stay the same...not including the time it will take... and all that... but those are the basic things youll need to start so its the base price that really counts.... right? i dunno... im going to make some crepes... buon appititto..

  7. Thanks for all of your info! I went down to my celler yesterday to check things out and see where I want to position everything and I found something that may ruin my entire idea. You see we get our water from a mountain spring head and frankly, there is one of these spring heads going right under the celler causing the floor to be moist. (Not wet, just a little moist.) Also, one of the walls seem to have some mold on it. I'm afraid the moisture and the mold will ruin my idea of growing down there. What do you guys think?
  8. Also, here is my list of things I have purchased for my "hydroponic bucket":

    1. 1 50w HPS Bulb
    2. 1 400w HPS Bulb
    3. Aquarium Air Pump
    4. 3-Gallon Bucket
    5. Perlite

    I am now saving up some more money for a flouresent light. Here in awhile, since I don't have a digital camera, I'll make a picture of the setup a am going to try and build. Do you guys think I'll even need a flouresent light? Or do you think 450w of HPS lighting for 4 plants is enough? Tell me what ya think and try to gimme some pointers. :)
  9. As promised, here are my plans for my room. Tell me what I could improve, and tell me any changes I should make. Thanks

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  10. hi my name is toad. Please can someone send me BASIC INFO ON HOW TO GROW C PLANTS INDOORS. i will be grateful if u can send this to my address toad L 344 braehead bonhill alexandria west dunbartonshire scotland g83 9ne
  11. If I were a moderader, Id certianly remove your post toad... for your best interest of course... perhaps you should do this for your own well being. giving personal addresses out on posts conserning status illegal by far a smart thing to do... just hope you think so for grow information... just take some time and read through this site and if you dont have the time to do that, you dont have the time to grow. take care.

    You mentioned half would be males, but your taking out the whole point of beginners luck there dude! Im betting that if its his first grow, hes gonna end up with all females and a bountiful harvest...but do get a dehumidifier mister doper man......

    as always,
    the arch enemy of murphy... mwa ha ha ha ha ::gag, choke...::

  12. im just new at this stuff but i say ditch the 50 watt hps and put the 400hps on top of the plants and the flouro's at the sides......and get a fan cause the 400HPS gets hot.

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