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  1. I Have an Agromax 4x4x6.5 grow tent and i have a 600w hps/mh dimmable ballast with an air cooled reflector on its way. I also have 2 sets of seeds "wonder woman" and "blue mystic" The next step to my grow tent is going to be the fans, filter,ductings, and tempature/humidity gage. What would be the best and most cost efficient way to control the odor/tempature. I tried looking on GC for some ideas but i couldnt find anything. If anyone has any brands/links that would help me out please share :D

    This is my first grow so i want to make sure i do everything right and follow some what of a basic guide. Would you guys suggest i try to grow both strains or just one and how many plants would be ideal for my tent size? I know it sounds like alot of questions but i had a hard time finding some good info on this portion of the grow tent setups. I see people exausting the hot air out of there homes/apartments but from what i read thats something to risky to try. Anyways, any type of help would be appreciated

  2. I have the exact same setup going right now (with the addition of two 225w LEDs for side lighting).

    I find two ocselating fans and a 6" MTN 440cfm inline fan and 6" carbon filter keep my tent at perfect temps and keep the smell away completely.

    I got my entire intake fan/filter/ducting combo on ebay for like $130 shipped.
  3. Can you please find where you ordered? I am about to purchase all this an what I have lined up is more than that! I'd appreciate it!

  4. Nice, how much were the LEDs? Did you add those just for veg or for flowering? And was everything you got on ebay a kit for $130? That would be just around my price range :hello:
  5. I bought the LEDs with a bunch of extra used equipment i bought. I used them through veg and om currently on week 4 of flower. One is red spectrum the other is red/blue.

    The combo filter /fan i got was from 'HTGsupply' on ebay. Im usually weary of cheap combos, but i have zero issues with it so far.
  6. Hey thanks, I didn't look on htg for fan combos, they are actually located 40 min away from me.
  7. HTGs filters suck, I recommend Can, Phresh, or Phat filters. HTG filters work for a good while, but then they get a feint smell that pokes through after a bit. I need a new one soon and I only used it for a total of 12-14 weeks.

    Jblaze, a 6" inline fan attached to your hood along with an oscillating fan or two should easily take of the problem
  8. Glad to know, thanks. PMing you.
  9. Here is my tent so far... All i really have set up is the lights/ballast and a humidity and temp gauge



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