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  1. I am currently growing in the attic... and I would really love to set up the grow room in my basement. I use the basement for storage and laundry, nothing else. The issue is stealth, security... No one goes to the attic, you need a ladder to even go up there. But when people come over they can easily go down to the basement, so how to hide the room?

    The only idea that comes to mind is to make a big dark room in the basement, and in the back of the dark room, make another room, the grow room.

    It could work but its not the best idea, any other ideas or advice?
  2. I had a similar issue a while back.. You've gotta consider the security risks.. If your house is like mine in addition to being easily accessed you probably have a furnace, hot water tank and electrical in your basement.. My place came with this really ideal "storage" area/room but at the end of the day it was just way too close to my utilities.

    If your attic is working I'd stay there.
  3. yeah man, i have furnace, hot water tank and electrical in my basement.. and as you said, an ideal "storage space" that I could use as a grow room. All i need is a cover up and dark room is not a bad idea, I could even tell people they cannot go in because it is a dark room and it will ruin pictures cuz I forgot to set up red lights or something. It could work, I am just thinking that other people in my situation might have come up with something better than a "dark room" for a cover up...

    just looking for other ideas... it would really be soooo much easier to grow in the basement

    ....the attic is not easy for many different reasons.
  4. just lock the door to the basement and dont let people go down there. its your house you could have any of your own reasons why people shouldnt go down there beside the one that your growing weed down there.or do what you said and make a room inside a dark room or ir you have alot or boxes camoflage it with them and random stuff.
  5. hahaha, that will not work in my situation, i need a cover up.
  6. I've never had to use it before, my cover story is that people can't go into my grow room because it's actually a sex den and there's a lot of embarrassing items and pictures laying around :D
  7. If my neighbors weren't as nosey as they are I would have probably walled off my storage area and got it growin (I'm lucky enough to live next door to an ex Narc/SWAT captain who is now a prison guard.. I invited him over for a few beers & a steak, he went out of his way to check out my basement because he thinks I'm too young to own the house I do)...

    IF you can make it seem normal just frame and drywall that badboy in. A wall with a door blocked by a shelf is pretty easy and what I initially had in mind. Build your room then along the back side of the room build your growing areas against the wall and camoflauge it with shelves/boxes etc.. Noone should notice the missing space against the back wall as they will be in the basement. It'll take some work but it's doable.
  8. if you can build a room or something, just make a room against the back wall, but leave it three feet out or so and have a bookshelve door as the opening. Nobody will find it.
  9. Dude buy a grow tent. If anyone comes dow to the basement they will assume it is a makeshift closet for storing clothes or something like that. This is the one I have my eye on.

    High Tech Garden Supply
  10. It would be pretty easy to set up a small dark room to grow in. I'd get tall work tables, drape off the sides, and grow underneath the tables. Or build in a little 'closet for storing film and papers'.
  11. I used cinderblock to block out a room across the whole back of the house and cut a hatch out of a closet floor to access it... It's taken a few months to get ready to grow but I think It'll pay off...
  12. Another option is to build a little 'root cellar' area. At least, tell people that's what it is.
  13. i just realized that my basement is pretty damn small and my grow takes a lot of my basement space so with the smell not exhausting outside late in flowering this thing will be noticeable to anyone who goes downstairs...

    it would be easier to lock the door and make up some excuse why u cant go to my basement.
  14. black widow spider infestation... you're waiting on income tax refund to get an exterminator...

    that's what i'd say...

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