Basement growers!

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    How was growing in a basement? Good, bad? Easy, tough? What did you have to watch out for? What made it complicated or simple?
    Any tips or tricks? Tell me all you know!
  2. most likely you will need a DEhumidifier to take the moisture out of the air, need to cut/chip cinder blocks for intake/exhaust, keep your pots off the floor and all the good stuff..good luck!

    i hope i helped a little bit
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    Thanks for the reply, but what is that about cinder blocks? *confused*

    Any specific kind of humidifier? Would it go in the same room or in my tent with everything?
  4. i think the other poster means that to get out of the house with your hot air, you will have to penetrate its walls, which underground, are typically concrete or block...
  5. hi this is my first grow and mine is in a basement the only problem i had was low temp at night so i put a oil filled heater in so lowest my temp goes now is 75 . and humidity which i got under contorol whith a dehumidifier in my grow room and run it constent the one i have can remove 20 liters a day but make sure you get one that allows you to run a hose off it saves emptying the crapy 2liter tray every 5mins lol.just check your your humidity whith your hygro meter from what i gather you need between 40% 60% for veg and between 30% 50% for flower to prevent bud rot mine is currently between 30% 45% hope that was some help bud :)

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