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Basement Auto Grow

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by hhbhagat1417, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. First time grower here.
    I am using this strain:

    Cream Caramel Automatic - Sweet Seeds - Single Marijuana Seeds

    I have to grow in my basement, so it will be a bit cold. I have heard that ruderalis crosses are more resistant to the cold, is that true? The grow box will be a tall cardboard box lined with aluminum foil, a small fan for exhaust, and 4 CFL's totaling 120 watts on a 12/12 all throughout (I'll be sure to change out the light spectrum from 6500k to 2700k for flowering). I will be using a peat moss pot to grow in from germination to flower. I will use the paper towel technique to germ.

    If it isn't that cold-resistant, then will the CFL's create enough heat so that it wont be that cold?

    Any tips or suggestions?
  2. I wouldnt suggest using either cardboard or foil. Paper products + water + electricity = Bad things my friend. Fire rings a bell. Foil doesn't reflect nearly as good as flat white paint. Not only that but every fold or crease will bend the light and reflect it away from the plants.
  3. from what I know, yeah they are.

    cfls dont generate too much heat but it eventually builds up, it might not be as much as you need though(idk what temp range it is in your basement normally). I'd say if you can go get some insulation. homedepot has the rigid insulation sheets for around 10 bucks, I'm sure you could find better prices if you shop around though. should help with that issue fairly easily.

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