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Baseballing a blunt??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by glo420, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Back a couple months ago me and my niggas used to baseball blunts where you hit the blunt and pass it and hold the smoke in until the blunt gets back to you. When you get the blunt back you exhale then do it again. How horrible was this for our lungs? We didn't know holding it in was bad back then.

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  2. Ahhhh shit nigga you gonna die fooo
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  3. I'd eat some chicken nuggets yo bring your lungs back to a normal state ..
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  4. So you're saying that you didn't know smoking was bad for you? lol
  5. We call that "game" Chicago around here, no clue why lmao.

    I imagine its quite bad for your lungs, a blunt is a tobacco leaf and your holding it in for extended amounts of time. I heard its 5 seconds or the tar/thc ratio isnt worth it but you could google the studys.

    I always found myself letting the hit out before everyone else just cuz i thought it was stupid af to do this to your health for a lil boost in high lol.

    Best of luck op

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  6. Yeah, holding in smoke that long especially when it also has tobacco, is pretty bad for your lungs.

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  7. Definitely not recommended. Like my fifth time smoking, I rolled up a spliff and stayed home "sick" from school. I smoked it unfiltered, holding it for like 10 seconds each hit, exhaling a bit, reinhaling then exhaling briefly after.

    I ended up getting completely naked because I had the spins and was super hot and sweaty. I had forgot there was tobacco in it when I was actually smoking it and using the "trick" to re inhale
  8. Lol no can you read nigga I said holding it in longer is even worse and I didn't know that

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  9. Yea the first time I smoked a blunt I got naked cause I got so hot and spin and damn it sucked

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  10. Yea I agree I'm not doing it again thanks man

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  11. It's the same thing with a plain cigar/cigarette as well. You can smoke it normal, or inhale (deeper), which will get more nicotine into your bloodstream, which can lead to an overdose.

    I'd love to see someone smoke a churchill cigar inhaling the whole time. I'd for sure bet money on them puking before they finished it.
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  12. fun ideas always make the experience better overall. best to inhale just once while at bat so you can steal home when 2b hits it.

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