Baseball Fans!?

Discussion in 'General' started by Headie, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. ne baseball fans in here season just started just wondering ur favorite team.... mine would be the cards cuz thats where im from originally... i get ALOT of shit out here in cali for it but its cool
  2. Hm, i like playing baseball more then watching it, but the Blue Jays are ma fav., i Know they're pretty garbage, but its local, im hopin this season will be better for them, they picked up some good people
  3. im not a real watching baseball fan but that could be cuz my team sucks (rockies)

  4. love playing, cant stand watching it.
  5. red sox are my team but im not too confident right now, they had a lot of mixups this offseason...
  6. Giants fan preparing for playoffs :hello:
  7. 2006 Boston Red Sox.... Schilling, Wakefield, Beckett, Clement... soon David Wells....and even possibly Roger Clemens hahahahaa...

  8. The Tigers because they my hometeam, Though they suck ass.

  9. That's right! and fuck them weak ass Dodger bitches! GIANTS!!!
  10. It's all about them 'Stros man, making another run at the World Series.
    "Vivan los Astros!!!"
  11. Giants All The Way Baby!!!!! Them Going To The World Series!!!!!
  12. Ferris, you are my hero. Papelbon is going to be awsome
  13. Met fan here...David Wright is nasty

  14. I love the Red Sox but I too am originally from St.Louis... :hello:
  15. Florida Marlins, they have all rookies but they always rebuild

  16. Pabelbon is amazing.... next closer for the sox..the guy throws 96+.... he's god

    and we don't need Johnny Damon.... fuck em.... Coco Crisp 1000x better

    w00t GO SOX!

  17. This is what happens to you and your career once you leave the Sox (except for Babe Ruth we don't talk about that)

  18. just thought id quote him so everyone could get annother look at the logo of the 2006 world series champions!!

  19. Fuck yah...

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