Base of 11 day old seedling stem turning brown..

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by GingerFish, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. 11 day old seedling, being watered with diluted hydrogen peroxide every 2 days, under 100W cfl with proper exhausts and wind on the stem,, baby was doing fine.. until this morning i found that the base of the stem which was purple before turned brown..

    Ive had pythium issues before.. ive treated the base of the stem with h202. theres nothing more i can do.

    the seedlings are producing their 3rd blades. this is sad :(

    help anyone.
  2. You have stem rot.

    stop watering your plant. Sounds like an overwatering issue. Use plain water & you only need to water once the first 7-10 days the seedling is alive.

    Your past Pythium issue is a key indicator of over-watering.
  3. last time i was over watering.
    dude i water every 2 days. with h202 that gives the root oxygen and is anti fungal.. i doubt its overwatering. after 2 and half days they started wilting, then i watered.. its a small cup. i've put like 10 table spoon.. 2 seedlings are in there
  4. the base of the stem was purple before. now its brown.
    some people say its not pythium.. it will go away..

    i'l be fixed in the next two days.

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