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  1. I don't want the beef y'all can eat the meat, steady chasing clouds that carry my dreams you blind to what I see, n dying for a peak, n bust me for a leak cause like said they hiding in the sheets,
    The end

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  2. Nothing but bars
  3. I just threw up a bit in my mouth
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  4. Why you gotta be so rude lil dicky

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  5. if i cant' say the word meth then you can't make a thread called "#BARZ"
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  6. You want your words to create a story. Work on appealing to the senses; incorporate the sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.
    Youre using a string of rhyme, which creates more of a tongue twister. Try to incorporate a scheme such as abab, for example.
    It also sounds really choppy. Read it out loud and ask yourself what words you can use to fill in the blanks.
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  7. Dream baby farina you are a nice girl.
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  8. You'll find me poaching Rhinos @ 2AM in the.. #BARZ
  9. You're gonna have to prove it all to me, that you can Rhyme
    Cause I ain't got no words to say that ain't gonna waste my time

    Don't come crying to me, when I'm biting you, like a viper, counting Casualties
    This ain't no MTV, I'm marking up your ass with mah Diamond ring

    Shooting stars, make a wish, cause you're gone, bye bye Reality
  10. Fuck all this new shit, I just be coolin, you know I be boolin, you think I'm stupid, I know what you doing, he think I'm clueless, bringing me roses you know I like tulips, fuck love and Cupid, but fuck all this new shit you know a real nigga gone always be down.

    I found my purpose in life what to do that's why he put me hear and I shoot out my words so ppl can hear and they bumpin to something while they roll a joint, here is my point, dropped out of skool just to focus on this, I can't imagine of being so rich, look at my wrist, in a couple more days we gone make it, I'm just saying, I see my future is featuring future, I got an essay that's due by tonight, procrastination imitation but grades won't determine the rest of my life. Speaking this twice, go grab the Sprite....off and we go to McDonald's n mix up that Hinny and coke, man act like u know me it's dope

    My goal is to throw me a show, something like Gettys but not out of hand, me and my friends woes, drop top down, if you ever see me, don't act surprise and try to size haters are always Miami heating, I know it I know it I know this season is wack I wish I could press rewind and play my life back...put the speakers on say yes to the offer bout a tick tack, now do you understand who I am

  11. You be a crip cause booling isn't a word and inventing words to just use em in a rap is ignorant. Would be better imho.

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  12. I have way more lyrics than that okay. I have lyrics that will make you go to sleep wake up go to sleep wake up drive to you're mothers house go to sleep at her house wake back up and slap her.

  13. Sitting on the toilet thinking should I avoid it, man I'm a disaster. I'm better off avoided you couldn't last, I'd prolly run you outta the city, but plz keep all of ya pitty. I'm a sit n just relax, cause when the next one comes, I'm sure that'll end fast. Certain mindset, I over contemplate why niggas always tryna worry what be on to ya plate, like plz leve me alone wish you could've understand that my patience with this life has gone way be on planned. Yeah you heard it, I was pose to been die, asking God to take my life, so I can take flight n fly. You wouldn't understand, that's a painful threat, 7 second dreamin before my last breath. Oh please, do you mind if I get real, rated r type of words that'll cause chills like . Goosebumps, so as I begin my first chapter, not a pastor but you still listening yea I'm the captain, I'm the man before the wo then the m came place, 1996 is when I came place, you competing I be chillin, In no need to haste, distant amongst another cause I need my space im tryna get this
    Tryna get dough listen to what mom says
    Trying get mo

    Expressions to nasty, blow up my circle, my nick name is Gatby, I know if I eat, man the first thing is family, I'm not boujie but the look may seem that I'm a lil to fancy

  14. pow

  15. Okay, I see you
  16. what in the fuck is this thread.
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  17. Basically you're posting a rap or poem whatever you're choice

  18. Heard it's cuffing season, but man fuck these couples, I stay in my lane, they don't want no trouble, stop moving the weight, I got that 9-5 shit that's way better than that 10 to life Rollin fat backs, not extendo but my clip is to expensive won't shoot unless I'm force to, let alone not to mention I'm the realist plus the illest plus the mighty ighty greatest, I got bills all in my safe case, and it's fire proof, all I know a being true, that's just what I gotta do, father I look up to you, and if I say you're name in vein prosecute. Quite hollin melodies. Peter playing on the keys, swear man that's just all I need

  19. the cat sat on the mat

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