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Bart simpson rolls

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by binkey, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Ok so last night on halloween me and my friend got 1 1/2 of a bart each
    We didn't do them last night because we already drank alot but i look it up on pill reports this morning and people all around california are saying its fake

    but im in austin texas and i trust the guy who got them for us who said they were "H" based
    any one in austin have any experience with these they seem to be going around
  2. H based doesn't mean anything.. And I've heard they were bunk pills too. Your best bet is to get a test kit.
  3. Are they red or orange by chance? Probably won't mean much considering you don't live in the same area.
  4. no the ones i have are yellow with brown splotches
  5. <insert facepalm>
  6. Dude,the only way to know is to take them and find out.Or spend 300$ plus on a test kit.
  7. I've heard only bad things about the bart simpsons. A lot of them have piperzine in them and theres only been bad reviews on them. I wouldn't take them, but you can do what you want. Invest the 30 some dollars and get yourself a test kit.

    Edit: oh yeah, theres no such thing as herion based pills so your source is not legit.
  8. ok thanks for the help guys i talk to my friend who took them today who said he had an amazing roll so i think im just going to go for it.
  9. Whats up, im from austin aswell.

    I just now heard about bart simson looking rolls for the first time ever, lol wow they're in austin?

    you should pm me

    and its extremly rare/pretty much retarded for anyone to lace their xtc pills with heroin, that's widly known as bullshit
  10. I've also heard they were bunk but who knows, won't know til you eat them or test them.
  11. Arent they only like 30 dollars?

    And if theyre H based you might as well go get some heroin man.
    If you want to experience an ecstasy trip go buy some MDMA.

    oh and by the way I could bet a 1000 dollars that theres no heroin in them.
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  12. you don't know what your talking about, a lot of pills have H.
  13. :rolleyes:

    You dont know what you're talking about because if you did you would know that heroin in ecstasy pills is very very very rare.
  14. Oh I thought they were expensive.I will be buying one now for sure.Thanks for informing me.:wave:
  15. Heroin and MDMA together is like wearing assless chaps in the artic to stay warm.
  16. not to mention heorin is least effective if taken oraly
  17. #17 Rasta Mon, Nov 2, 2008
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    your retarted

    Name-calling and disrespect don't float here. *RMJL
  18. LOL, ok

    i'm in socal and i've heard shit about these too. in fact someone did try and tell me it was h based....but....come on....heroin can't even affect you that well if taken orally, not to mentio nall of the other uppers in the pill would probably crush the effects of it. an e pill probably has 1000x more uppers in it than any downer it could possibly have unless you have a f'd source.
  19. There are a ton of different bart simpson batches around. I had never seen them up to a couple months ago and now they are everywhere in southern california.
    You can get basic ones for much cheaper. Seen them as low as $50-100

  20. Like everyone else, i'm just going to laugh at you and call you a fool because you actually don't know what you're talking about.

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