Bars kinda suck while high

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  1. All my friends in my group like to go hit the clubs every weekend. Even though I don't drink (not hatin', back off yo), I go with every once in a while to dance, socialize, chill, etc. The other day I smoked before going, and later regretted it, cause the music was way too loud for me to enjoy my high, and none of the girls who know how to dance were sober, so that was futile as well. I just kinda sat there for a few hours with speakers blaring in my ear, and didn't talk to anyone because, once again, it was too loud. Anyone else share my sentiments about bars while high? Anyone disagree?
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    Go to pub type bars, not dance club bars if you are high. Pub food is the best munchie cure. You just have to find one with the right type of atmosphere, you'll have a lot more fun at those kind of places. :)
  3. I despise clubs and whenever my friends get me to go, I usually just chill at the bar and get smashed and they all hate on me for not going on the dance floor to dance with some random sleezer. I mean I'm sorry I don't want to get a boner from some hoe grinding on me expecting me to buy her drinks only to dip out once she's done. It's pretty lame, I feel you there. But I do like regular bars, I'm fine with talking to girls there at least then you can actually talk instead of having to scream when you're 3 feet away and I like pool, I'm a beast at it :smoke:
  4. hahahahahahahahaha I feel like I just laughed at your location/name combo for like a minute straight. I don't think bars are fun at all around here in the south burbs. But in the city you have a good chance to find some random place that is really conducive to fun while high. Those gems exist! believe it :)
  5. alcohol is a social drug...weed is too kinda but not really my choice for being around large groups of people.

    you shoupd have a few drinks to get buzzin and then smoke a little, then crossfade,,,,thats my favorite
  6. If I am just super blazed...I don't like bars much either. If I am super blazed AND I have a drink or two ( maybe a few shots, tequilla OH HAAAAY) then I am feelin' like a million bucks, yo. :smoke:
  7. Pub bars are just awesome.
  8. Fuck the clubs. U need to find a stone bar with hot little hippie chix!
  9. Yeah mean, I hear that. If only my friends were in agreement . . . I guess I could make new friends, but that seems tedious and unrealistic, roflmaool.
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    Just ask if they'll try going to a different bar for one night to see if they'll like it. Blaze before you go in, order food, get some drinks, hopefully there'll be some ladies that catch your eyes. How can your friends say no to that?
  11. Yeah, I'm not into bump 'n' grind stuff either. I mean more like organized dancing, which can be hella fun if both involved are competent.

    I hear you, weed is definitely less social. But that works, cause I'm pretty introverted anyway. Also, I don't drink (once again, not hating), so that factors in.
  12. Bars kinda suck when sober too...:(
  13. Yup. Pub bars/beer bars/brewpubs are all good. They're all places where people just sit around,shoot the shit,and make friends.

    Plus,weed and beer were made for each other.

    I think what you're talking about is more of a club. A place where people go to get shitfaced drunk,dance,hook-up,and act macho. If a place has a bouncer,stay away.
  14. Clubs blow. Being a bouncer just lets you see how annoyingly piss drunk people get.

    I love pubs though
  15. Yeah a Pub is fun when you're stoned...I love talking to people and being silly and laughing (without loud music and having to fight through a huge crowd). Plus a good beer tastes really good while you're stoned.
  16. I thought you meant xanax bars when I read the thread title. But I agree they do suck, its way too loud and I hate loud places where I gotta yell to talk to someone.

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