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  1. so I am in the 8th week on the female plant I found at work with my son. She has buds where 2/3 of pistols are amber;but she is so bushy that the lower buds are nice but still all white pistols. i already spread her out to accommodate the lower buds to get more light to them. I took a couple of the mature buds off the top and gave them to my son, also to accommodate more light to the bottom buds. I believe she is a sativa dominate hybid. I am gonna harvest the buds i consider finished and let the rest of her run to 12 weeks or until i determine that she is done. Not sure ; but I think the best avenue is to flush her , water a week, harvest first finished buds , one more final feeding before flushing and a full week of plain water before final harvest. As I have stated before i am a experienced grower but just came off a 7 year "no grow" time in hell. i will take pictures and and add later. any thoughts on this plan of attack
  2. sounds ok but I dont believe the flushing will make any difference just feed until harvest and you can harvest in sections just make a clean cut and seal the wound with tape
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    Once a week every week in flower for the Caterpillars.

  4. forgot the pics
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