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  1. High there Barney's have fantastic genetics, ive not had the violator but ive got some LSD and Red dragon femmed fom Barney's growing right now. Take a look at the link under my signature.

    Femmed seeds are great beacuse you do not waste time with males and you can clone them as normal.
  2. Thanks man! Your grows look great!

    I am in a draw between G-13, Red Diesal, and the Violator Kush. Seems liek the Kush is a bit quicker grower and has the highest THC% My friends closet will be where the magic happens.

    I'll have to look more into cloning!
  3. Barney's have a great range, even better now that they have teamed up with Amnesia. The red diesel is my friends favorite smoke and you never hear anything bad about the G-13. I like the sweet tooth but might try some cherry berry for a future grow. So much choice.

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