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Barney's LSD Week 3 Curing

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by Pastivity, Apr 9, 2011.

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    Some of my curing bud
    Been smoking it for a little bit now
    Lemon-diesel taste with an earthy aftertaste
    The smell is kinda like ice-cream and diesel
    Very smooth already and hits you right away in your head first then the body for a full high :smoke:
    I feel it on the first hit almost makes me laugh in anticipation:p

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  2. Looks good man, do want!!!! haha
  3. niicce grow looks good! :smoke:
  4. looks nice i have some lsd in the flower stage right now.
  5. I grew with some barneys seeds turned out great but the smoke wasn't all that, buds were full of crystals and had a very nice taste but just could not compare to other grows I smoked!! Btw they where barneys blue cheese and vanilla kush.

  6. Well I will say the the LSD is a different kind of smoke than I am used to
    This grow was very nice in the fact that I grew some daaaank ;)

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  7. Yea looks nice!!
  8. Hey man those are beautiful!
    I have LSD, Pineapple Chunk, and Violators Kush all sprouts right now.
    What curing method did you use because it looks like it did a great job.


  9. Thanks for the compliment :wave:
    The method used for this cure is as follows

    Not everyone hang drys their buds
    Two harvest ago I tried to hang dry, then move to the paper bag, later the jars but I ended up drying the bud too quickly

    I wasn't too happy about it

    So my last grow I simply used three sandwich paper bags so that I could have less bud on top of one another to avoid a mold problem
    The first 2-3 days you must take great care to flip the buds from top to bottom

    After 4-5 days of being in the bags they were dry enough to move into the jars for curing
    Hours after putting the bud into the jars I had to remove them because of the extra moisture that was pulled from the middle out
    I then placed them back into the paper bags for 6 hours <--- that was it, it dried fast

    After that I simply would open the jars once a day to ensure everything was going well
    Also I spread my harvest into multiple jars so that it would lower the chances of a mold problem
    Too often I see people packing the curing jars
    ^It looks cool and all but the mold doesn't :eek:

    And so far the bud has dried slowly and evenly though out and is great to smoke. Very smooth

    Everything was stored in a dark,cool, low humidity area
  10. Thanks man!
    I sure hope I can get my LSD to look as nice as yours.
    How much did you get from one LSD plant?
  11. Hey Pastivity!

    I've been growing LSD (and Acapulco Gold) since last november, am at my 3rd harvest now.

    This strain is a great smoke, I like the foolish lemon/mint odor it took after 15 days of cure. So crazy smell, very good taste too when burnt, but I've been totally blown away by a pure joint and ended up driving 2 hours with some trippy techno on a highway to go down.
    And I've been an acid lover in my teens, so really I have to say it send me back to those days, really the name is well chosen.

    Thing is I saw your buds are quite dense, I need to find what's going on with mine which have been really fluffy from harvest #1 till the last one.

    But from your other thread, yeah I can recognize immediatly the strain.
    I had bigger plants than you it seems (from the pics), and longer buds but again, really fluffy. I used HPS from the start so maybe it's different from LEDs.

    I had a bud which ended in size as 2 cans of coke (33cl/11oz ones) but it lost like 75% of its size when dried.

    Like you it took me 3 months (I'm always going 12/12 from seed) to get the final and awesome product.

    Good luck with your next grows, this one was truly amazing, I can see I'm just an amateur.

    Oh, and one last thing, I found LSD to be a very easy strain to clone. Like first roots in 10 days and more than 90% of success.



  12. Thanks for the kind words
    The LSD gave us a unique high over all
    It was like as soon as the blunt was finished that is when it hit you, BAM!!

    I used the led panels for side lighting and also like yourself used the HPS the whole grow

    I was pleasantly surprised at the dense buds she produced
    She was a shorty too only 2 feet in height

    I am just happy I have 4 more in the pack :D
  13. can't wait to pop my lsd bean, i've had some bagseed vegging hard for around 40 days, some real nice bushes, gonna switch to 12/12 very soon

    anybody try lst with lsd?

  14. Got a LSD going in my grow now. almost 3 weeks flowering. I LST'd her about 1 and a half weeks into flower, she seems to be responding nicely to the bend ^^
  15. nice buds man. they look insanee
  16. Looks real nice, good work! I have LSD ready for my next cycle, looking forward to the unique high. I have a mixed opinion on Barney's Farm strains, I have only had experience growing Phatt Fruity, and Pineapple Chunk. I loved the Pineapple Chunk (to the poster that mentioned they were growing it, know that it stretches like crazy during flower), very resinous and colorful buds with a nice high. On the other hand the Phatt Fruity was a massive yielder but the potency was really lacking. Tasted great but smelled unappealing.

    If I get the Indica dominant phenotype I think I will be pleased with it, supposedly it's the most potent phenotype.

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