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Barneys farms

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by EricSmokesGreen, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Alright, I bought barneys farm before and it's a pretty good strain. I'm either going to buy barneys L.S.D or Nightshade or Red Dragon. But does anyone have a review of a better farm that I should get my seeds of of. And if so which strain. Oh yeah and out of the strains I listed which one would you choose. I'm not good with decisions
  2. I meant to say breeder not farm when I said " does anyone know a better farm"
  3. I would snatch up that LSD. It's got the most THC

  4. I know 24% THC is alot
  5. Barney's makes awesome strains. I've heard very good reviews on Red Dragon and LSD.
  6. You dude, I have both! Ive got Red dragon vegging and LSD flowering and some even curing! The LSD is more potent but the Red dragon grows fantastic.

    Good luck, to bad you missed my journal!
  7. Any pics of your LSD & Red Dragon grow? How big did the LSD get and how was your yield on it. I ordered seeds for both these strains and am curious on how they grew. Any input would be great. Thanks.
  8. Yo dude, I had lots of pictures in my journal but ive just removed it a few days ago.

    These are all I have now for pictures and only show LSD.



    These are pictures from 2 of my post, I do miss my journal and who knows it just might come back.

    I had 10 femmed Red dragon seeds and 10 femmed LSD seeds. Only flowered the LSD's, some yeilded big and some just ok.

    The Red dragons look great vegging though.

    Good luck
  9. My experience (which is limited I admit) with Barney's Farm has been fantastic so far. I am in week 8 of flower on some Barney's Farm Phatt Fruity and it has been a fantastic plant to grow. The buds are huge and frosty as hell....there is so much resin on these buds it is ridiculous....and it is nice and bushy - indica dominant and is proving to be reasonably quick to flower. They are almost ready!

    Don't have a smoke report on it but it is an awesome plant to grow indoors. I have nothing bad to say about Barney's Farm and will def. be ordering more seeds from them (through attitude).

    Good luck.
  10. Yo, my journal is gone but here are some new pictures of Red dragon and LSD. Just click the link under my signature.

  11. that LSD looks pretty nice. If you smoke some any time soon, tell me he she smokes
  12. Yo, Ive had a sample of the LSD, the taste was great and the high was rather trippy hence the name. As I say I did chop it a little early 50% clear 50% cloudy, Im letting the others go more amber as I like a knock out smoke.

    Ive heard mixed things said about the Red dragon but I have read some good reviews and it sure does look pretty vegging.
  13. I think Im gonna grow either 10 LSD (optimistically) or 5 LSD and 5 Red Dragon Or Nightshade ( once again optimistically)
  14. Yo, Ive was thinking about nightshade as it sounds kick ass. I think you should go with some LSD for sure as the high is amazing. Maybe as you say get 5 LSD and 5 Red dragon or nightshade, I don't know which one though dude!

    I'd have to go with the Nightshade just because Ive not seen anybody growing it yet and both Red dragon and Nightshade claim to be big yeilders.

    You have got to do a journal which ever you choose dude!

    Good luck, let us know what you go with.

  15. thanks man, I'm going to make a journal. I'm going to plant around April 25th
  16. changed my mind, once again. Im buying LSD and Super Lemon Haze.

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