Barneys farm lsd seeds.. What do you think?

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    Ive been looking at seeds and have had my eye on these Barney farm LSD seeds. I've compared others to it and I like that it advertises 24% thc. Think they're legit? And is feminized alright?

    I've heard with feminized they have a bigger chance of turning hermie so it's important to be very careful with fems.
  2. i would go with any other breeder other than barney. poor germenation rates and low quality genetics, i know both from experience and from people on here i know that have ran his genetics.

    fems are just fine. as long as their good, strong genetics you shouldnt have a problem with herms.

    check out Next Generation Seeds Grapefruit Diesel. great strain w/ a relatively quick flowering time, 55-60 days. i have a few pics of it in my grow thread in the coco section. i think youll really like it
  3. Sorry, Head...I have to disagree. We have grown numerous BF LSD and about to run some more. We have had excellent germ rates as well as grows. Personally, we love the high this one gives which is such a great creative one. :wave:
  4. im used to a woman disagreeing with me......... im married hahaha

    ive ran his "vanilla kush" and "pineapple chunk" before. 2 worst strains i have ever grown

    his LSD is really the only strain that i hear any good about
  5. Hello people, just thought I'd chuck my 'tuppence worth' in. I'm having a crack at my 3rd Barney's LSD grow. The first one was from seed under cfl's (250 true watt) and went kind of ok.. The germination was very good and beans popped after no more than 24 hours. The grow was successful in as much as I had some smoke but I wasn't too impressed with the yield, no more than about 10 grm's dry per plant. The smoke was "ok" but nothing fantastic IMO. My second grow was from cuttings from the original and the results were pretty much the same!

    So, here I am today, day 30 from seed on my 4th LSD grow, however, this time I am growing in a cabinet 75cm deep, 95cm wide and 180cm tall. I'm running a 600w dual spectrum bulb with a dimmable ballast, air cooled hood and separate RVK fans for hood and extraction....and hoping for a successful grow just to prove to myself that Barney's LSD is worth a shot!

    This isn't a grow journal so I shan't post a load of pics but I will say that I've never had a problem with germination, growth seems to be vigorous, very easy to grow with no pest problems and pretty tolerant and smokes quite nice!!!
  6. LSD is fire, great taste, fast cure, big buds, easy to grow, but i dont know about the 24% maybe 20%.
  7. let me say after success with blue cheese from BF years ago I though I'd try their pineapple express. 0 for 2 on germing. Never again will I do BF. Especially after reading about other people's germ rates on them. They know there is nothing most of us can do about bad beans.
  8. Purchased a breeder back of BF LSD from Attitude and had a 100% germ rate. Of all the strains we have grown that is still in our top three to always grow and have on hand. Great smoke, vape....:smoke::D
  9. I grew out 4 of the LSD plants and all did great. Excellent tasting, extremely potent smoke. I would grow them again without any hesitation.
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    I'm sure it's all a crap shoot but these beans look so small and premie it makes me feel like they did me dirty considering im about to be 0 for 3 on germ. I did 5 bf's blue cheese without a single prob in the past but it appears they rushed this pineapple auto batch.

    Considering these are all for "souvenirs" I highly doubt attitude or BF would give 2 shits. It makes me mad because in a right world I would be able to get a refund or new product. lol
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  11. I added the LSD seeds to my cart while I was reading reviews and now I'm second guessing it. The smoke sounds awesome and it's supposed to be "easy" to grow (first grow), but the germ rate problems I have been seeing have me waiting. $12 is way to expensive to get a 0-75% germ rate. I guess I will keep an eye on this thread, and to add to it, for those of you who have grown it, what have your yields been?
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    I am on my 4th seed from a 5 pack of BF LSD, and all
    have been the same pheno.

    Still a noob here, only grown out maybe 7 or 8 strains, but here is my take.

    No probs with germ. Vigorous early growth. Sativa look to the
    leaves. Ok so far.

    When flipped to 12/12, here is where it gets weird. First off,
    it takes, every time, 4 or more weeks to see the first pistils.
    It seems to never ripen properly. First time I left in flower for
    a full 15 weeks. Really slow to mature. Even the clones have
    a retarded maturation process. It's like it gets to week 6 and.
    just. stops. maturing. Poor yield to boot.

    The smoke was ok, but certainly not great.

    The other and most striking thing about the buds is the smell. Unique
    to my nose, and I've been toking for 30 years. Smells like a mixture
    of vomit and misc. garbage. Only weed I have smelled and not loved.

    I won't be growing LSD again. I have one more bean and I don't even
    want to grow it out.

    Has anybody else gotten this pheno? Esp. the smell?

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