Barney's Farm LSD auto - QB96 V2's - 2x4 tent grow

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    Happy to announce my 2nd grow journal, for this run of:

    "Barney's Farm" LSD auto
    LSDauto-1.jpg LSDauto-2.jpg
    This will be my 2nd indoor growing attempt with autoflowers. My first grow can be found here:

    - 2x4x6 grow tent
    - HLG Elite 360 LED fixture (2 x QB96 V2 boards)
    - 6" AC Infinity exhaust fan w/ carbon filter

    I'll also be using an 24" Sunblaster LED and an 24" Sunblaster T5HO, both 6400K, for supplemental lighting during early veg stage.

    I'll be using a very similar soil mixture to my last run, with a few small changes...
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest - 50%
    Black Gold Container Mix - 40%
    Perlite - 5%
    Permier manure compost - 3-5%
    Vermiculite - 3%
    Gaia Green 4-4-4 dry amendment fertilizer - 1 tbsp/gallon of soil
    Gaia Green 2-8-4 dry amendment fertilizer - 1 tbsp/gallon of soil
    Myke Herb & Vegetable mycorrhizae - 2-3 tbsp/gallon of soil

    2019-09-01 004b.jpg
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  2. Oh Van, I'm so watching :D Glad you are back.
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  3. Aren't 1 of those QB lights 95 watts? I can't remember

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  4. Each QB96 board is rated to 180 max watts, hence the name of the fixture: "Elite 360"
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    "LSD Auto" week 1:

    Day -4
    - Soaked 3 beans in distilled water for 18hrs
    2019-08-30 003.jpg

    Day -3
    - Transferred to damp paper towel/plate inside of propagation tray with heat mat set @ 21c

    Day -2
    - All 3 seeds showing taproot
    2019-09-01 008b.jpg

    Day -1
    - Planted seeds in 5 gal fabric pots with cloches (humidity domes)
    - Lights on 24hrs
    - 6500K lights at 12" above plants
    - QB96's @ 20%, 3ft above plants

    Day 1 (Sept 4, 2019)
    - 2 seeds sprouted by morning time.
    - 3rd seed sprouted by evening.
    2019-09-04 001.JPG 2019-09-04 002.JPG 2019-09-04 003.JPG 2019-09-04 004.JPG 2019-09-04 005.JPG
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  6. Duh lol I was thinking of the v100 I believe lol I hope

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  7. "LSD auto" week 1:

    Days 2 & 3:
    - Temp: 74-81F
    - RH in tent: 54%
    - RH in humidity domes: 76%

    Day 4:
    - Removed cloches (humidity domes) from plants
    - Installed humidifier, set to 50% output during lights on, 20% during lights off.
    - Exhaust fan @ 20%
    - Temp: 73-80F
    - RH in tent: 64-68%
    Day 4 (1).jpg Day 4 (2).jpg Day 4 (3).jpg Day 4 (4).jpg
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    Days 5 & 6:
    - Lightly watered once per day, just around seedling
    - Increased humidifier rate
    - Exhaust fan @ 20%, constant
    - Circulation fan on low speed, constant
    - Temp: 74-81F
    - RH: 62-68%

    Day 7:
    - Increased QB96 light intensity from 20% to 25%
    - Moved 24W Sunblaster LED up, from 12" to 18" above plants
    - 23W Sunblaster T5HO staying at 12"
    - Increased humidifier rate (aiming for range of 65%-75%
    - Temp: 72-80F
    - RH: 66-72%
    2019-09-09 010.JPG 2019-09-09 003.JPG 2019-09-09 008.JPG 2019-09-09 009.JPG 2019-09-09 007.JPG
    I have 2 probes for monitoring environment, my Cloudline T6's probe stays close to the canopy of the plants, my other probe sits 1-2ft above my light fixture during veg but once i start cranking up the lights i move the probe close to my driver.
    2019-09-09 013.JPG
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  9. I have a strong feeling that setup with rock out something good

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  10. That's just me talking though idk

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  11. Damn I was only around 50% on how embarrassing

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  12. No worries dude, ya those boards are fantastic and can really pump!
    I'm currently looking at supplementary lighting options so i can run them a bit lower and to try to even out the PPFD across the whole 2x4 space.

    I'm looking at the HLG Saber 100, QB288 V2 Rspec, Atreum Ara-40, or even a couple more QB96's...
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  13. well, rename mine to eliter 480 I suppose.
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  14. Seems like you got this grow off to a great start!

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  15. Thanks man, i'm hoping it carries through to a great flowering!
  16. "LSD auto" week 2:

    Day 8:
    - no water
    - Temp: 74-80F
    - RH: 68-71%

    Day 9:
    Outside temperatures have dropped a little bit. My outside air intake is controlled by the negative pressure my exhaust fan creates. Last night the tent went down to 72F so i turned my exhaust fan all the way down until later in the morning, reducing the cold air coming in.

    I'm working on a way that i can better manually balance the amount of cold, outside air that's being drawn into the tent, with the warmer air of the room itself.
    Currently, i stuff a small cotton-filled pillow into whichever intake duct i don't want to use.
    I've got the one 4" intake from outside and one 4" intake connected to my portable air conditioner. If the air conditioner isn't on (which it won't be until later in veg/flower), it will just draw air from the room itself.
    I've got these wild dreams of a thermostat, connected to a motorized valve/damper... mmmm...automation! :ey:

    - watered lightly
    - Temp: 72-79F
    - RH: 64-69%
    2019_09_11 (2).JPG 2019_09_11 (1).JPG 2019_09_11 (3).JPG 2019_09_11 (4).JPG 2019_09_11 (5).JPG
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    Day 10:
    - Lightly watered
    - assigned ID to each plant, based on robustness of each plant throughout germination and first week as a seedling.

    - Temp: 72-80F
    - RH: 64-68%

    Day 11:

    My girl has orchids growing in our front hallway. We discovered that one of them has a major fungus gnat affliction. We immediately quarantined it and i've been laying sticky traps all over the house.

    I figured the tent was safe since it's in a different area of the house but i threw down some sticky traps anyways.
    In 24hrs there were 2 of the little bastards that got stuck.

    We use BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) to treat the orchids... Should be safe for use on cannabis too, right?
    I'll do a bit more research before i apply it but the reason my girl likes it for the orchids is that it's non-toxic.

    - Temp: 69-76F
    - RH: 62-67%
    - No water

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  18. BT won't help the gnat thing. Maybe Cucumeris will help. Can get them from Niagra falls for $1.50 a pack.
    *neem oil spray and drench can help.
  19. I'm not familiar with Cucumeris, i'll have to look into it.
    I'm pretty sure it's BTI that my girl uses for the orchids, which usually works pretty well for her, although i'm not sure exactly how to apply it, how often and the necessary duration.

    I went to a couple of local shops yesterday to look for neem oil but so far haven't had any luck tracking it down.
    Amazon is always a last resort for me... i always prefer to support my local, independently owned shops.

    Luckily, the problem doesn't appear to be too bad right now, but i know how quickly things can get out of control.
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