Barneys Farm Acapulco Gold

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  1. Hey,
    I just ran across this and wonder if any one had any experince. I know its not the real genetics, at least I dont think that it is. Has anyone smoked this,grown this etc.

    Im looking to order a true blueberry strain, if anyone has a recommendation. Also thinking about g13haze from barneys. Really Im looking for a strain that has stress reducing properties anti anxity and calming euphoric effect. sorry for the typos
  2. I'm growing a Barneys G13Haze now. I haven't smoked any (yet). She's sativa-dominant and a tall girl so keep that in mind for your grow space. Training is a must and yield will likely be underwhelming.

    DP Blueberry which I grew outdoors several times has the calming traits you're looking for btw.
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    G13 Haze is very good!!!!, here is the pic of one of my last grow.

    I have two acapulco gold seeds of barneys in soil today they should be popping out in a couple of days :)

  4. I was also going to suggest G13 Haze. The sativa dominant cross breeds seem to me to have the most minimal amount of paranoia.

    In contrast, Big Bud has a very subtle scent that is easily cloaked and can compensate the paranoia by knowing the bud doesn't totally reak. It still get's you nice and high, it's good to cross with other strains, Durban Poison would be my choice if I could as it has a great soaring high.

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