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    First of all! This is my FIRST EVER grow so help or learn with me. The 2 most helpful things when I was researching were this video [ ] and all the threads on

    I'm just starting up my first grow and will be posting pictures of everything tomorrow heres a list of all my stuff.. keep in mind i only spent about 50-100 bucks.

    Florescent fixture 2 lights x2 {HD}
    Florescent 4ft Bulb x4 {HD}
    30 Liter reservoir x1{Wmart}
    10ft 1/2inch inner diameter tube x1 {HD}
    150Gph water pump x1 {HD}
    80Gph water pump x1 {Found}
    mushroom siphon valve x2 {Local}

    5-10 Liter plant container [Rectangular] x1 {Wmart}
    Compact Florescent Cool White x3 {Wmart}
    Compact Florescent Warm White x3 {Wmart}
    CFL lamp x6 {Wmart}

    Clay growing pellets 10Liter {Local}
    Peri-lite 10Liter [Barely Used any] {HD}
    Rock Wool x5 {Local}
    Emergency Blanket [Reflective]{Local}
    Random 6inch Fan x2 {Wmart}
    Metal 4inch Fan x1 {Wmart}
    Large Zip ties x75 +/- {Wmart}
    Electronic Timer x3 {Wmart}
    Heavy Duty 3way Plug x6 {Wmart}
    pH meter x1 {Plant World}
    Miracle Grow x1 {HD}
    Miracle Grow Bloom x1 {Wmart}

    pH Down x1 {Local}

    3 Barneys LSD {Herbies Head Shop}
    2 Big Buds {Herbies Head Shop}

    ... Time to get this bitch growin! :bolt:

    PS If its in BOLD/UNDERLINE Then it was Stolen.. I mean Gifted.

    {HD} = Home Depot -
    {Wmart} = Wal-Mart -
    {Local} = HomeGrown Hydroponics -
    {Plant World} = Plant World -
    {Herbies Head Shop} = Herbies Head Shop -
  2. Oh and p.s my pH was at 5 so i redid everything and got the pH to about 5.9 - 6.0.. Light cycle has officially begun.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I tried to organize the photos to display everything in proper order.. if you see anything you would like to comment on please feel welcome! This is my first grow and I am really trying to get it to go great.

    Heres my photos, My first seed out of five [1/5] has sprouted and I really hope the others will follow Wall-E's lead!
  4. Dawg, that is a sickass setup! How much was it, if you don't mind me askin?!

    Looks like a train horn sitting in that one pic!

  5. To tell you the truth i have absolutely no clue how much it costed lol me and my friend split the prices so it might have cost about 100$ total maybe a little more or less. Like I said earlier me and him had "picked up" most of the stuff from walmart and the lights, perilite, tubes and 1 pump from home depot and then we bought the clay rocks and rockwool from a local hydroponic store so yea..

    oh and the train horn is actually a light fixture im just not using it yet since it will be holding a cfl and my plants are not yet big enough to need it.
  6. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have more photos to upload since everything seems to have grown rather fast but ill take care of that later

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