barganing at headshops???

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  1. he guys. I was just at both my local headshops yesterday because there like 500 ft apart and i saw some things i was interested in.

    The first headshop i went to (brennans- plymouth MA) is the only shop that has GonG thats close buy without going up to boston or to bridgwater.
    they only had 3 GonG bongs.
    the first was a 3 foot bluedot zong for 360$ which i cant afford but want and the second one i saw was a mini 9mm tube, i dont remember what brand it was but it was not a well know one and it was 299$. I dont really want it because its a mini and way to much money for a mini 9mm tube.
    The one i wanted to get was a "kaos" 9mm thick 1 and 1/2 foot beaker for 199$ which i wana get but i dont know if you can bargan with them. I really want it and i saw it online at for 169$ but idk if i trust the site and i dont want to wait for it to be shipped.
    then the second headshop i went to (pincushion-plymouth MA) had a really nice heady sherlock thats worked really good with rasta colors and nice reversals but its 115$ and i dont know if i can bargain with them ether.
    So my plan is to go to brennans and see if i can bargain with them for the kaos GonG 9mm bong and then if they dont do it im gona walk down the street to pincushion and try and bargain with them for the heady sherlock. However if the guy at pincushion doesnt bargain i am just gona pay full price for the heady sherlock.

    But i was wondering if anybody had any tips for haggaling(sp?) with the people who work at headshops.
    Like if anybody is really good at it and has any tips and tricks like what to say or how to act. Any help would be appreciated because ive never really tried to get a deal at a headshop and i dont really know how to go about it.
    I obviousely know how to bargain--Example, i say 90$ instead of 115$ and he says
    100$ insted of 90$ and so on. But i just wanted to know some tips from the pros here at GC.
    Thanks for the help guys. As always its appreciated.:smoke:
  2. hmm no one?? I just need some haggaling tips.
  3. seriously this thread is really friends all talk about barganing but i never knew how....:rolleyes:
  4. i know right. we just need some experts here
  5. Ask about specials. The place I went to today had a back to school special. :smoking:
  6. I'd say just walk in there cool and friendly and shit, make some good small talk with the employee or something, just make a connection with the dude or chick. They arent gonna give it to u for cheaper if they dont know u at all, just be suave. Idk if that helped at all tho. maybe talk about the grateful dead or something, most people at headshops are deadheads and i could go on for hours about the dead and i think that would get u a deal.
  7. i think all the small headshops are a rip off

    the one i go to has a shitty selection of products and the prices are rediculous

    i think its cuz theyre the only one around and they now people will buy their shit cuz they have no alternative

    and to ur question im pretty sure u can bargain most shops let you
  8. the headshops around NY you can normally talk them down atelast 10 bucks on a 50 dollar purchase maybe like 5 bucks on a 15 dollar pipe or 20 you just gotta be like yo i will give u this for that..worse thing he can say is just gotta ask use the damn thats all i have my buddy did that and didnt wanna pay the full price and he was like alright damn thanks and started walking out and the guy was like alright I can give it 2 u for that price
  9. I bought a bowl priced at $35 for only $15 by bargaining.
  10. oh well its good to know you can bargain at most shops.
    I think ill prolly go in and start talking to the guy about GonG and ask if he owns one, Ask what he prefers, the ill start talkin about what quality pipes and bongs they have.
    Even though i know most arent quality and most are from the internet because ive seen alot of them on different sites.
    Then ill start asking if theres any glassblowers in the area and i will ask him if he likes
    custom pipes and if he owns any, Then i will ask to see what i wana buy and start talking to him about it and asking him questions about it.
    Finaly ill be like you guys have kinda high markup on these pipes/bongs and then ill ask if he could do it for So and so amount.
    Do you guys think i should ask him if he can give me a deal or should i just say can I get it for X amout of$ ????
  11. just tell them what YOU will pay for it.
    and if they say no walk out like that one guy said
    or buy it like a pussy full price
  12. if you buy other shit at the same time, you can always talk them down on something. when i bought my bong at 100$, i got a 30$ bowl for 5$, minus the small clear glass bowl. basically 15$ off on 105$

    look for stuff with defects, point it out and see what happens. my buddy got a 15lb 3 foot bong(ceramic) for 40$ cause it had a chip on the mouthpiece. it was so big you couldnt fit your face over it anyways. :p taped up it was perfect.
  13. The fact that there are two shops so close to one another means they are probably more open to bargaining. A single shop in a 20 mile radius has a monopoly over the market so they can charge, and stick to, whatever they want.
  14. Don't order anything from Rollies unless you're okay with giving them your money and maybe getting your stuff in a few months.
  15. a lot of places mark their shit really high and then offer you it for way cheaper at more of a reasonable price and act like you're getting a deal. i hate this cause it's awkward trying to go lower after they offer you some gnarly deal. like when i got my diffused bubbler, marked at $99, they offered it to me for $50 cause i told them i wanted a diffused bub and i wasn't really feeling any of them. i didn't want to go up to $50 really but it was what i wanted. but in that situation it kind of sucks because going lower makes you seem kind of dick haha. but anyhow, that doesn't evenr elate to you so i don't know why i'm typing this.
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    Are you good at any kinds of crafts?
    I'm not sure if your head shop is like mine(I'm not sure what the typical "head shop" is), but I made some hemp necklaces one night... Brought them into his shop and asked if I could just place them on a shelf or even make a stand for them... I told him he could keep all of the money or whatever. (I wanted to be cool with this guy. He looks like a complete stoner and drives a Lexus SC430... I mean he has to have a good herb connection.

    Turns out, he only wanted to keep 1 dollar of every necklace. And he insisted that he would take no more from me, but whatever. I sell them for 5 bucks and they are made pretty good.

    So we kinda became business partners. He knows me as the necklace guy. And I get stuff for mad cheap. He's shown me stuff straight out of the box before. I'd recommend that to anyone. Hemp necklaces/bracelets/whatever aren't hard at all. It just takes time, but if you smoke then you probably have plenty of it, at some point. And it also keeps your brain working. :smoke:
  17. There are a few tricks. Make your own price, reasonably. Say the piece is 300, say you have exactly 250 to spend, and go up from there. Also, if you can go in about 5-10 minutes before they close, they're more willing to sell something quick just to go home. I do this with cars.

    Some places don't budge on their price, especially if there is no local competition in business. Luckily in Venice Beach every other store is a headshop.
  18. i just find some thing i like and then tell him oh i got 20 bucks if the thing is 30 and if he will do it for that some times he will. but most headshops will bargian with u
  19. i asked if he could come down any on this sweet bubbler. he said no... but i can give you some glass screens along with it. It was a nice piece and only $30. so i guess i bargined 3 screens lol. But, its not like a yard sale. its a business... they gotta make money so they can stay open and keep serving me with my tobacco product needs;)
  20. if somthin is 200 dollars

    walk in with 170 cash 0r 180 w.e and then if they dont give it to ya walk out.

    if go in and just be straight with them its 200 dollars, man i got 175 cash on me.....

    they prolly give it to you, or they will start negotiating it down 190..... and so man, its easy.

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