Barely sociable last night!

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  1. Last night I went to a party with about 40 people, everyone was fucked and I only know about 1/3 of the people there and usually I would be chatting to everyone and really open but last night I got pretty stoned and drunk and I was being SOOO unsociable, it was awkward. I was answering with one words, not going up and chatting to people etc.

    Why is this?
  2. Simple, you have cancer.
  3. /thread :p
  4. Serious answers please, I'm in a FML situation, LOST MY WALLET LAST NIGHT! :(
  5. You got too fucked up, sir. Nothing more, nothing less

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of answer were you expecting?
  6. I didn't get too fucked up. I didn't really know what answer to expect haha I don't even know why I posted this but it sucks anway
  7. Well sonny dear boy.

    when you mix a substance like alcohol, with a herb like mari jew wana, on a young and unexperienced brain like that of your body, you are unable to function in a normal state of mind because your brain is busy getting used to all the shit going on.

    next time. try not smoking weed till the party is over annnnnd chill with a few beers.

    and why did u say you only new a 1/3 of the ppl there.

    thats alot of people lol
  8. I never blaze before hitting up a party leave that to after when your with your boys! Gotta make the most of these parties because one day your gonna miss them, but everyone has their bad days just next time make sure you man up.
  9. Right, cheers for the advice. I'll keep smoking to a minimum when I'm meetin new people :)
  10. don't smoke at all when meeting new people, they might not realise you're high and just think you're autistic or something
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    chock it up as a learning experience.

    and by that i mean the whole experience. i feel like you learn a lot and realize a lot when put in awkward situations whilst stoned.
  12. Don't smoke at large parties like that.. just take an Adderall and drink and you'll be real sociable

  13. its interesting that u say that....

    all the times that i've mixed adderal with alcohol it has the opposite affect on me. It makes me unsociable as OP described..

    when i smoke though it wakes me up and makes me a lot more sociable...every person is different though.
  14. You weren't doing it right.
  15. 1 word xanax

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