barely flowering, or just a slow flowering period?

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    I have 2 plants:

    the taller 1 (mandala "point of no return") has been in the flowering stage for 1 month (1st 4 pix)
    (the pistils have turned brown, as seen from the picture)
    I moved this 1 to the warm white cfl bulbs when it was 16-18", now its exceeded 2' :confused:

    the 2nd 1 (mandala "satori") has been flowering for about 2 weeks (2nd 3 pix)

    I don't know if it was because I reused the dirt (foxfarm: ocean forest), but have since re-potted both of them in fresh soil (same brand, 1.5 weeks ago):confused_2:

    I'm guessing the satori will need some more time, but as for the pnr, should I remain patient, or "snuff it"?


    I'm thinking of giving this 1 more month, & if nothing? (cannabutter)

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  2. plants arnt getting enough light.
    if you want to see any kind of flower you will need at least 100w per plant. thows look like 23w bulbs going to need at least 8 of thows. plant is getting so tall becuz of that reason its trying to stretch to get closer to the light.
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    I see, the big 1 is 105w (400w equivalent) & (2) 26w (100 equiv) bulbs.
    I'll look into getting some more.

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  4. like pinkbear said, you need more light. Don't be bashful with that shit ; )
  5. with CFL you need more of them and keep them closer...within a few inches if possible.

    if you can, place the bulbs all around the main body of the plant, just below the top level of the plant, so more of the direct CLOSE UP light reaches the leaves (light + leaves = good herb)
  6. I'm thinking of (eventually) transitioning to LED lights, what's yall opinion on this?

    My budget isn't much, I see 10w led corn bulbs on ebay starting @ $7 per bulb.
    (obviously, all of them are either are from China or Hong Kong)
    the panels are a bit costly

    Read a few posts from the 'lighting' forum on LEDs, not much informative.
  7. well, I've added 3 more bulbs (cfl 26w each), applied them to the top, I that's the only spot I could find that wouldn't result in more fan leaves burning off

    I hope this helps

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  8. if you are gonna transition go HID lighting trust me you will be pleased.
  9. Yo, u might need hps, and a good reflector, also if there not auto seeds then u need to do12/12 light cycle for them to start flowering
  10. Your better off now than with cheap LED.
    They dont work. Not unlesss ur prepared to drop 1500-2000 bucks.

    Hid is your best bet.
    CFL's have their place...... In a reading lamp.

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