Bare root transplant?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Mr.Bodega666, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Was forced to do this today.. Did a bare root transplant and switched to FFOF.. Did not use water to clean roots just knocked of soil around massive root system.. Hope this works! Anybody done it before.. Also do I need to get anything beside a Ph reader..?? Flowering as soon as soil gets comfortable with the plant( about 2weeks)

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  2. I love how so many people can "Like" something but no help!! Wtf?

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  3. Looks like they took it back! Sorry bro... I cant help ya.

  4. yes ive done it before, but expect some recovery time for the plant as it most likely got a good shock from the transplant.
    you dont need a ph meter.

    i suggest you start reading both the soil for beginners and the no till threads. both are stickies in the organic section and will have loads of information on organic gardening and how to go about it.

    not to be rude or anything but this isnt a paid helpdesk. just because someone read your post doesnt mean they know the answer to your question. organic gardening is about patience.


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  5. .

    Obviously!! Ok thanks for all your great full info! * cough cough* 615page thread GTFOOH!!! Smh

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  6. i did answer your question. the referral to those threads was a bonus. not sure what you are shaking your head at.
    don't expect much more help with that attitude.

    good luck.

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  7. I lolzed at the OP response. thanks Scooby. I needed that.
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  8. Give the first 20 pages or so a read, a few hours of reading is nothing in the comparison of the 3+ months of growing a cannabis plant. So invest those few hours whenever you get a chance, to ensure you get the most out of your time spent growing. There are many people who would love to help you and see your garden thrive. I wish you the best in your journey :) peace and love!

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  9. You have to keep in mind that there are tons of people who poke around on this site but don't participate. Also, sometimes it will be a couple of days before I will see a new post and I'm on here just about every day, so try to contain your temper over not getting an immediate response to your post.

    Now for your question. Transplanting the plant like you did will shock it a little bit, but you should have absolutely no issues with it getting back to growing once it's over the stress of the transplant. All in all, these are just weeds and they'll try their very best to grow under the most awful of conditions. It will take your plant a few days to recover from the soil change, but it should be fine. And as far as your pH reader goes, make sure you buy one of decent quality. You can get them for $12.99 all day long off Amazon or Ebay, but if you choose to buy one of the cheap ones, get ready for trouble because they are just about worthless. If you're going to buy a real pH tester, go ahead and get one that you know is going to work properly AND last more than a week or so. Don't know about you, but I really get tired of having to rebuy something because of poor quality. A good one is going to cost you $60+...with the ultimate being the BlueLab ones which run about $100 but are the best out there that I know of. The pH of any liquids going into your plants is VITAL to maintaining healthy plants. Continued watering/feeds out of range will lock up the plants' roots and they can't take in nutrition. Get on the new grower threads and do some reading. Pretty much all the "basics" you need are contained there in many posts. You need to understand how to water, how to deal with pH and several other tidbits that all tie together for a successful grow. Hope all goes well. TWW
  10. unless your tap water has some crazy PH value its not going to make a difference in an organic soil and trying to adjust your input to a certain PH is an exercise in futility as the plant is what regulates the PH in the soil, which changes constantly during the day.
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  11. If reading isn't worth it to you....then why would you come to a forum. Just my first thought when you complain about a thread being long. Your best answer is in the two threads that Sc00byD00bie recommended you to. GL

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