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  1. I think a lot is lost when we delve away from simple things.

    For the hippies with a SMALL collection who keep it simple.. what's your go-to method for blazing?
  2. got this baby last weekend

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  3. Purty... and expensive looking!
  4. dude at the gas station wanted 130 for it, talked him down to 100
    was the pic small as shit when u looked at it?
  5. Purty... and expensive looking!
  6. Thc infused suppositories for me
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  7. Yeah pic was small. Dont know why that posted twice.
  8. In the beginning it was stone and wood pipes ...
    Most all wood is toxic or has respiratory issues.
    Wood also has a issue will moisture that creates mold .
    Glass is good up to the point it gets dropped .
    metal pipes are ok but some metals are also toxic .

    At the same time the resin inside a pipe will seal the air ways from toxic materials in a short time period .

    Simple is a pipe the will not fall over when its set down , plus easy to clean , has large air ways so it hits good and it doesn't need cleaning every other day and doesn't break when dropped ,

    I think some pipes should be made of exotic and rare materials ,,, even expensive material and making the pipe where it has a second hand value and can be handed down from one generation to the next.

    They're one super cool thing about pipe designs the maker or the person designing the pipe doesn't really have to go by any certain designs .
    You can make pipe that looks like a lamp to a tea pot to a goof club to a dragon ...

    All you need to do is find what you want on line, make it your self or go to a custom pot pipe maker or a pot pipe glass blower .
    A machine shop can make metal pipe or go the pipes and pipe fitting /brass fitting's at the local hardware store .

    PS wood shrinks allot some woods shrink 20% in the first 7 years of getting cut down .
    So if you make a pipe out of wood it needs to be cured for about 5 or 20 tears LOL .

    Some of the woods I use has been being cured for over 90 years .
    one wood 300 years ,, swamp wood 10.000 years .

    Normally the shorter the pipe the hotter the smoke and can be harsher tasting .
    Pipes with small airways make you suck to the point you think your head is gone flat .

    To each they're own on choice of pipe designs
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  9. Wood pipes have always been my favorite. But I'm picky. Most of the designs you see in shops are chunky looking, rough cut, and aimed towards a crowd of people who are more into "heady" pieces rather than a sleek looking, smooth smoking piece. I usually keep a metal pinch hitter, and a metal pipe in the shop just because they aren't breakable. Step out back in the rain and BAM... all done. But when its time to really kick back. It's hard to beat wood... LOL PUN INTENDED
  10. 20190521_114326.jpg
  11. Those look wild! Are they one solid piece?
  12. On the right is a pipe ,, doesn't have the right bowl in it , yes its a one piece and its about 20 inches long .
    It has 1/2 in internal air ways .
    The pipe is made around or over one piece of 1/2 aluminum tubing .
    Been dropped 100's of times ..

    In the middle of the picture is a pool cue I made and on the left is pocket chalker/ holder I made .
    The pool cue is black and white ebony .
    And my next pipe will be made from black and white ebony too.

    I do glass line some of my pipes with 10MM glass tubing but if the tubing breaks I cant replace it and the pipe is no longer can be smoked out of .

    I have health issues .. haven't made anything for three years now .
    I do plan on firing up the shop again in the next month and start making stuff again ..

    I was booked solid for years before I my health stopped me from standing up .
    I went through several operations the first of this year and now can stand and walk .
  14. Oh man that's terrible. You must have been doing it awhile.
  15. Bad health always sucks ,,, i couldn't stand on feet for years , now i can and the last thing i want to do is spend the rest of my life that when I can walk inside my shop .
    I want to travel , do my photography , and smoke a shit ton of weed .
  16. Glad to see you're back on your feet! Sorry about all the operations though. I don't know what's worse, the operations or the damn recovery. :(

    Right on about the travel, etc. 6 weeks ago I couldn't make it up a flight of stairs without lots of distress, now it's almost an afterthought. First thing I did was go out and start rebuilding my garden. :)

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