Barack smokes dank

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Minimal It, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Im not sure if this has been posted yet... if so MYYY BAADDDDDD

    "I Inhaled Frequently" "That was the point.."

    [ame=""]YouTube - Barack Obama "I inhaled frequently" "That was the point"[/ame]
  2. Fasho
    Barack obama 09!
  3. he did coke too

    badass president i say
  4. He did?
    greatest pres.
  5. nice. go barack
  6. its nice to know we have an honest president
  7. Bush did a lot of coke...:confused_2:
  8. Wowwww.

    Too bad he'll still send you to jail for it.
  9. obama baracks the blunt daily
  10. yeah I think he missed that part.
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    so, we've gone from a hypocritical pres who lies about his drug use to the point of classifying and whitewashing, but is relatively quite open and forthright about his "military actions" (warmongering), to a hypocritical pres who is open and forthright about his drug use to the point of saying "i inhaled" and "that was the point", but is full of mixed signals when it comes to his "military actions" (warmongering).

    anyone else think it looks plain as day that obama has been as much a shoe-in as bush was?

    orchastrated like a muthafucka! likely in a small room, by a small group of "individuals"*, determining what the people need, want, and will swallow.

    .... open wide....


    * mob mentality not-withstanding.
  12. i don't think obama/biden have sent mixed signals about their warmongering at all. They've made their intentions pretty clear as far as Pakistan and Afghanistan are concerned.

  13. depending on what soundbites you listen to. maybe it's not their intent (ha, yeah right), but someone is out to present them as the anti-war folks all the while, same ol' BS of "popularity" politics.
  14. The public set them out to be peace-nics not themselves. Kennedy was considered a pace-nic for vowing to not use a nuke, even though he went to war with casualties that reached over a million, that being you count north Vietnamese casualties. Less people would had died than if we were to of dropped a nuke.
  15. It's funny how on even this issue the Halo Effect can win...

    Corrupt Hypocrite... or Badass Dude...

    What an obvious dichotomy... unless you believe...

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