Barack Obama

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  1. Done better at what?
  2. golf.

    edit: and hoops

  3. yeah, bush has nothing on obama in some street ball, unless it's prison rules. bush may come out w/ a V.
  4. He certainly has played more golf than Bush.
  5. i wonder if he'll appoint a golf czar to help w/ his game..
  6. He's done a great job running foreign countries.

    Oh this country? Eh.
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    I know what he was saying, I was just making an obvservation. I even agreed with him but I guess I didn't make myself clear

    edit: he did better than bush but still he isnt doing too good, lol I was waay to stoned when I posted that, it didnt make sense lol

  8. what do you expect? its america! we just love to inherit the british empire :rolleyes:
  9. I NEVER thought I would say this, especially after smoking weed but in 2012 I'm voting conservative :eek:.
  10. Come on ya all, sing it loud....

    Barack Hussein Obama, hmm, hmm, hmm..........

    Seems so long ago...

    Oh well, you live you learn.....:D

    Who ever runs against him in 2012 should use "We won't get fooled again" as their campaign song.
  11. ^lol thats about right
  12. let's get some Ron Paul up in this bitch
  13. Except I have a feeling the next president will be just as corrupt as all the others. People actually think that because a president did a "crap" job, we will somehow get a better president next election? Look at Bush-Obama.

    People said the same thing about Bush and voted "liberal/democrat" all the good it did them.
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    If RP were 30 years younrger and had a hip hop persona, he would have the 2012 election in the bag.

    "Raise da roofe, it's OG Paul up in dis bitch!"

    He could state that socialism is wack and free markets are da shiznit. I sure that would appeal to todays youth.

    and scratch that he should just adopt a hip hop persona now.
  15. I love me some Ron Paul, but he ideas are too radical. They are too close to the constitution. You think Americans, or rather, the owners of America really want that?
  16. Whats wrong with living close to the constitution?
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    lolwut? You want to pander to the owners of America?

    I don't think we need to worry about what the owners of America want. We need to worry about what is good for ourselves.
  18. Man I'm glad you love Queen Pelosi too. She's a heck of a gal.

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