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Barack Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bongin Shaman, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. and limit the power that those fucking banks have.
  2. yea indeed, but we need to overgrow the government, grow so much that they can't even eraticate it lol, massive plants covering new york would be chill.
  3. It's quite sad how nothing we do matters, we're miniscule, just a statistic

    and yea I agree at the overgrow lol, dig underneath the white house and plant millions of seeds, D.C. will be lavishly green :laughing:
  4. we have power through the internet though, youtube etc.
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    How much power though? do you remember when they did that youtube thing for the election and they answered questions? how many REAL questions were answered, and how many bullshit answers were delivered, the ratio is bad, and they selected which questions to answer, they choose, they have the power, sadly

    man what's even more fucked up, think back to the 70's-90's the world was greattt (for the most part), people got along, you didn't have the fear of getting killed if you stepped outside your door, everything was at peace, then when we hit 2000, everything went to shit, people turned more hostile to other people, more disasters occured (probably a coincidence but still), its just fucked up the government cant see that they are destroying this country, our personalities are a reflection of the society we live in, pretty soon it's going to be every man for himself
  6. Nevermind, Mom always said "if you can't say something nice, say nothing":(:smoking:
  7. we will unite, in our time of need. There comes a point where enough is enough.

  8. hopefully soon we reach the breaking point, its time to wake up and stop this
  9. I believe soon enough we all will have to gather our own food and make our own shelter, the government will be hiding out in their luxury bomb shelters and we will be rebuilding the world slowly.

    just a theory.

  10. I'm glad someone gets what i'm saying

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Boondocks Episode #13 Preview "Hush,Its Obama" |‬‎[/ame]

    ^ basically all obama does..
  11. obama is a 44th degree mason, hes 100% pupet by the wall street bankers and elite like most presidents have been. every time obama says "yes we can" hes really saying "thank you saten" backwards cuz he worships the devil. theres proof out there off all this
  12. lolwut

  13. If you think that decision is up to the president's sole consideration, I suggest you brush up on how congress and corporate interests work.
  14. its true man..the elite of this country worship the devil along with hollywood/hip hop industry. youtube things like New world oder, illuminate, or free masons if you dont believe me. heres what i was talking about tho

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Obama - Yes We Can = Thank You Satan‬‎[/ame]
  15. This makes me want to move to Australia.

    Because saying "thank you satan" backwards is what fucking over the american people is all about.

    Seriously, thats fucking retarded. I hope you are being sarcastic and i'm falling for an epic troll, because otherwise its just really sad.
  16. truth about obama

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪The Obama Deception HQ Full length version‬‎[/ame]
  17. Obama said he opposes it so stop living a lie.
  18. i wish i was being sarcastic man but its all true. this country is one big joke, we have no freedom and theres tons of proof out there. did you no the whole 9-11 thing was planed and fulfilled by the us government? i know very far fetched but true, theres proof. they did it to justify war on the middle east.
  19. everyone 'hated' bush but 'loves' obama, man what one word can do for a campaign. change. i guess it holds true we depend on mass media for our sense of selves.
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    He never said he could do anything about it.

    He didn't lie, I have no problem believing the guy would love to legalize marijuana.

    If you thought the president was responsible for wether or not weed is legal, you probably though Ron Paul was a great candidate. (and by that I mean you don't know how the government works.)

    Ok, but what does playing "yes we can" backwards and inferring its talking about Satan have anything to do with .... ANYTHING?

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