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  1. I am extremely proud of what our country has done today! If there was one thing in our life we have done that was worth something it was electing our very first African American as our president. :hello::hello:
  2. [quote name='stoned budda']I still submit that we are a very racist country but we are getting better. I mean the first black president we had was of course Bill Clinton, who as you know was not even black, but the NewYorker didn't let that little technicality stop them from declaring him the nations first black president.

    That was 1998, 10 years latter we have progressed so far past our racial hatred in this country that we feel comfortable to elect a 1/2 black man to be the 2nd black president. Who knows in a decade or so we might even elect a black man to be the 3rd black president.

    And as i have said before that "praise" that you hear, well that's just liberal guilt for the way the white European male has treated the black man. Its the same "tingling" feeling that Chris Mathews feels running up his leg when Obama talks, Its the reason that media cant criticize him. Its the same liberal guilt that elected this man, well that and the fact that the best the republicans could come up with for a opponent was John McCain.

  3. I have no problem with people questioning and criticizing the president. We did it with Bush, and Obama deserves the same scrutiny.

    But does every other post on here have to be an attack on Obama supporters? I didn't vote for him because I have european male white guilt.
    That's one of the more ridiculous theories I've heard.

    We aren't sheeple. We aren't feeling guilt for keepin' the brother down. We aren't mindlessly thinking he's going to bring miracles and rainbows to Washington.

    You don't know my reasons for voting any more then I know the color of your underwear, so stop trying to psychoanalyze me.
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    Look this is just bent up rage that republicans got for voting for Bush, when the democrats were down it was easy to joke like this.

    Some people still holding the grudge. Just let them let go of there anger, everybody just needs to let out a big fuck you to there fellow country man once and awhile, let them have theres.

    I don't agree with it, but I can thoroughly say now I understand it.

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