Barack Obama.... on drugs

Discussion in 'General' started by greensallday, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. everyone knows McCain wouldn't be able to lift his lightsaber above his head!
  2. Misleading title, decent video.
  3. that was fucking epic :hello:
  4. wow. that would have been effing awesome to stumble upon while it was being filmed.

  5. misleading, with a poor video.
  6. I concur.

    I just wasted like 45 seconds my life, I watched some of it and was like... well...:mad:


  7. You saved 14 seconds of mine though! Im out before wasting more in here
  8. they are the same...
    does anybody knows that??

    that what i call them sheeple
  9. I would have much rather heard about Obama's view on drugs than that crap.
  10. can we please find a video of obama ON drugs. like puffin a fat blunt or dropping acid. someone, please.
  11. good luck.

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