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  1. An attractive women is sitting at a bar and is staring at the bartender. She gestures for him to come over in a suggestive manner with a devilish look on her face.

    "Yes ma'm the bartender stutter"

    In a sexy, smoky voice she asks to see the manager.

    "He's not here, but I'm in charge"

    She gently strokes his hair and side of his face and slyly asks " Can you leave him a message for me?" as she offers her hands to him to kiss.

    The bartender quickly grabs her hands and starts kissing and licking her fingers, " Sure what's the message"

    "Tell him the ladies room is out of toilet paper and hand soap" she replies.
  2. Yuck!! LOL, ewwwwwww lol, yuck! lmao :smoke:
  3. That is gross as hell!!hahaha
  4. lol so nasty

    a man runs into a bar and says to the bartender, "quick quixck pour me 10 shots of whiskey" The bartender, sensing the urgency, pours him 10 shots. The man gulps them down one by one with lightning speed. The bartender comments on how fast he's drinking and the man says, "Youhave to drink fast when u have what I have." The bartender asks what that is and the man says, "50 cents"
  5. You know it happened =)

  6. DaWodin Nice joke bro !

  7. Two cannibals are eating a clown. One of them looks at the other and says "This taste funny to you?"

  8. LMAO! That's a good one DaWodin.

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