Banks that accept pre-paid visa cards?

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  1. Title pretty much says it all, can anyone tell me which seed banks accept the pre-paid visa cards you can buy at wal-mart or wherever. Also, when you use such cards, what information do you put under the "billing" section?? just repeat the address information I guess? I'm having the beans sent to a friend so I'd like to stay completely anonymous if possible.
  2. Another grower here uses the GiftsToGo pre-paid cards at Wal Greens, they can be used internationaly and he said they dont require any personal info. You need to make sure the gift card you get can be used internationaly since not all gifts cards can be used for international orders.
  3. use paypal?
  4. I havent seen a seed bank that accepts paypal, and using my paypal kind of defeats the purpose of anonymity, seeing as how my name and bank information is attached to it... and thanks for the info tplat, but still, I need to know which seed banks accept that form of payment
  5. sorry im baked, you can make a fake name paypal with a fake name visa gift card/ mastercard.

    its just gotta be exact same information on both.

    ive done it before.
  6. oh, didnt know that was possible. thanks for the tip.
  7. either find an international usable prepaid card. or get a greendot money prepaid visa/mastercard.
    greendot requires your ssn number tho(for anti terrorism)
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