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banks in the US

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by redboi19, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. okay this may seem really stupid to ask, and excuse me if it does, but are there any seed banks based inside the US that i can order from?:confused::confused::confused:
  2. u can order from planetskunk.com they ship worldwide.... yes they do US.
  3. are they better then doctor chronic?
  4. the only seedbank ive ordered from is nirvana and it worked out well. planetskunk is another that people talk about alot
  5. i think so.... they have a huge selection of seeds and a nice forum.
  6. no I don't think they are better.

    The Doc is not a breeder like Nirvana he just sells them.
    if you go over to the doc's forum and Join you get 10% off and a free pack of beans.

    I used my Amex and had my beans in 5 days to the East Coast usa.

  7. How do you go about geting these free beans you talked about? I've registered with the site/ forum you spoke of. I used your name as a referer.
  8. Hey TeamBeanz, you got any connection to Planet Skunk? If so that's cool, but disclose it.
  9. none at all.. just a 1 time customer..

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