Bangladesh: Ongoing hostage situation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by VikingToker, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. nar they not muslims you're just a privileged rayciss white male your freedom of speech should be censored for hate speech

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  2. 20 innocent people killed, ISIS ended up being right after all.

    We have to stop this jihadist shit. :(
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  3. Hillary Clinton is willing to take 200,000 of them straight away with no background checks when she gets elected. And Europe isnt any better either where they're mainly 99% illegals all young men aged 18-30
  4. Im sure she isnt willing to take on 200,000 "jihadis" I reckon the word refugee was used.
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  5. lol
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  6. IS have had a presence in Bangladesh for a while now but they will face a major backlash after this slaughter.
    The Bangladeshi security forces have not got a great human rights record.
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  7. Well the Saudi Royal family are allowed roam freely in the US, why not their foot soldiers?

    Where in the UK are you living?
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  8. I don't like them either. They have absolute power over their country it is a monarch dictatorship after all yet they're doing nothing about basic human rights. Leaders are only kissing their asses because of oil
  9. The Saudi dictatorship does more damage to Islam and the Middle East than ISIS. I can't believe the whole Yemen conflict was swept under the rug, for example.

    Well, I can, given the state of freakish alliances we have going on. It's very fucked.
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  10. Saudi Arabia has the 3rd highest military budget in the world yet they cant beat small militia groups in Yemen lol
  11. It is those freakish alliances that are feeding the beast.
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  12. The mass migration is our fault. Can't leave well enough alone over there. Our proxy wars and invasion will just expand Islams reach

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  13. Sadly, they do plenty of warring without our presence there, too.
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  14. A well organized militia engaging in guerrilla warfare is near unbeatable.

    Ask any squaddie who served in the North. :)
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  15. True might explain why America and China couldn't control Vietnam because they pretty much specialized in guerilla warfare and their own environment. The only person that knows your environment better than anyone is you
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  16. OR its a hoax like orlando. And Isis isnt real theyre mercenaries paid by the illuminati, the threat is domestic not foreign, wake up yo. Not that America specifically pulled this off, the only governments not under rothschilds control is Cuba, Iran, and North Korea, so shit like this can and WILL happen everywhere else. Isis=illuminati. Hidden in plain sight, "illuminati has claimed responsibility"
  17. Yall better bury your guns in the backyard if you wanna keep them
  18. The house of Saud is the best Saudi Arabia can offer. You think their leadership is bad but they are actually the moderates. The wahhabist who have been undermining them and funding groups like ISIS would be way worse in control.

    I don't think so. The US created a terrible power vacum removing Sadam and his military(many who ended up joining ISIS), imposed a no fly zone in Libya and creating a large power vacum there, aided "moderate" rebels in Syria who were known to work with ISIS, installed a puppet gov't in Egypt, and generally fucked the arab spring with their own agenda.

    They played games in the middle east and when it backfired they swept every thing under the rug. Most who complain about Islam had fuck all to say when we were rearing are heads in Libya and Syria for our own interest. We bombed ISIS to save face because we basically put them in power and they've been attacking the west and parts of the world ever since.

    The Saudis aren't angels but they are far from the only player of destruction in this fucked up game. Basically this is blowback from the US and EU sticking their heads where it don't belong. And the suffering will only increase because you can't bomb an ideology.
  19. According to Amaq, the people carrying out the attack identified Muslims within the restaurant and released them or spared them from execution.
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