banging drunk chick? Right or Wrong?

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  1. im supposed to sneak out and drink with this chick tonight idk what to do. im bringin a condom just in case but i dont know if it would be right to do her. what does GC think?:confused:
  2. as long as youre drunk too its all good.... otherwise thats just creepy
  3. Do her. :D Make sure she really wants it though.
  4. yea ill be wasted too. im supposed to meet up with her at 1230. u think i should bring a condom?
  5. girls love the cock when theyre drunk...they go from innocent girls to horny whores...alcohol is nice ... if shes extremely drunk i wouldnt take advantage of her...but if shes just drunk and wants some lovin why not give it to were drunk too(maybe shes taking advantage of you)

  6. Yeah but make sure she really wants it. Otherwise don't let her know you have it.
  7. guys seriously thnks for the help. i needed some encouragement.:D o btw can any1 +rep me? ive been on the site for like 3-4 months now and havent gotten any.:(
  8. Bring the condom man. Can't hurt. If your drunk, and shes drunk. Fuck her. If she is drunk, but your not. Don't do it. Just morally wrong man :smoke:
  9. well it sure as hell sounds like a booty call to me haha

    def bring a condom.. theres nothing worse for a mood killer than not having one

    i said what what, in the butt..... haha jk
  10. If she's willing to drink with you alone, she either:
    A) wants your cock
    B) needs to be taught that drinking alone with guys sends the message she wants their cock.

    Use a condom. Keep at a same pace as she does and you'll be fine.
  11. If she actively wants it (trying to get it from you), go for it.

    If she is unsure or doesn't want to, then don't force her.

    Just go with what feels right and no means no.
  12. it doesnt matter if you are drunk or not. its just plain right to do. get pussy every chance you get man you never know when you might die and no man should ever die a virgin.

  13. holy shit man off topic but I just watched that 1000 ways to die show and some guy died off of latex allergies he was getting owned by a dominatrix and well he died a 32 year old virgin :eek:

    anyways if she comes on to you I say go for it, otherwise wait your chance

  14. As long as you're drunk too... I mean, how stupid do you really think she is? she's prolly got a rubber too:p
  15. def bring one. better safe than sorry especially if your getting fucked up, caution is thrown to the wind
  16. A lot of these replies are pretty repulsive. DO NOT have sex with her just because she's drunk, that's rape and that's fucked up. If you truly believe that she would have sex with you when she was sober, then it's okay to do it when you're drunk. Alcohol just loosens your inhibitions which can often be a good thing, but still, take precautions and make sure it's not just the alcohol talking.
  17. if a girl asks you over to get drunk... she usually wants more than your company :ey:
  18. Don't put the condom in you pack pocket! :D ...
  19. dude,

    shagg her rotten. :cool: :cool: :cool:

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