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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Duffey, May 18, 2004.

  1. Wow, today i got so drunk and so high, i was puking all over this girls bathroom... fun though, hes ap ic of a bud i got out of my quarter, it was all one giant bud when i got it, but this nice little beauty broke from it, still alot more left :D

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  2. seeing this has been viewed almost 100 times, ill post.

    the bud looks alright. looks like brick tho.. :(
    other than that i wish i had it, im out.
  3. doesnt look like anything special.
  4. yah looks alright...
  5. yea, it pretty much is brick, but its not disgusting like brick, its pretty dense all of it, and its still covered in crystals, just compressed so it doesnt look as dank, i dunno, for 25 a qtr of this, you cant go wrong
  6. 25 a qtr?!?!?!?

    here a qtr is cool hundred. where do u live??
  7. i can get a quarter of cronic fire bangins for 70$, and 115$ a half

    nice lookin nug

    edit: duffey the DJ:D
  8. looks like the grass that stuck on my studz afta football.

  9. i know what u mean and yes it does
  10. you puked all over your girlfriends bathroom? And you think that it was fun?

  11. damn dude i just got drunk yesterday i hadnt been drunk in forever and i puked EVERYWHERE! it was awesome! right on....
  12. youth these days?

  13. ummmmm this post is like.....2 weeks old. yeah it looks good, id pay 25 for it. and no it is not a qtr pound....a quarter ounce... like i said looks alright, id smoke it. :)
  14. big thc crystals, eh?

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