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"Bangers" mixture of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ekush04, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Today I was smoking at a spot in the woods where me and my friends usually burn, about to light up a roach, when my friend and his cousin walked back there and my friends cousin said "hey, you guys wanna smoke outta something better?" and pulled out this rasta colored bong/shisha lookalike but with plastic tubes, so we smoked out of it got ripped and then he put his roach in..

    He told us it was bangers, and it did taste pretty good(maybe because we had no water at the time so we were using beer?) but I asked him where he got it from and he said it was his and his own friends mixture, he said it was some "Newbies , Noobies" however you want to say it because its a new strain?

    I asked if he had any bagged up on him and he said "sure do" and he handed me a bad, now it was already broken up but it looked like oregano or some kind of pizza topping, I smelled it and it smelled like pure weed though, broken up it looked like green leaves, maybe it was because I was ripped, i dont know.

    Do you think this is legit?
  2. can you post a pic?
    just text makes it hard to determine what you are asking
  3. I'm asking if this weed sounds legit, and I can't post a pic, should I buy some of it, I think the lowest he does apparently is 20.
    It smelled like weed though but it had like 2 or 3 seeds in it that I spotted. Is there any way to hide the smell if its fake and make the scent smell real?
  4. The lowest he does is 20gs? If that's the case and it looked like oregano, I'd do a little more investigating before dropping that much cash.
  5. He might do a 10, I'm not for sure yet.
  6. 10 what?

    dude investigate it further and smoke sum of the bagged shit,and if you get high,buy some and post a pic,

    BTW,this can be sprayed on weed,it smells fuckin IDENTICAL maan

    can'a bliss
  7. first off the liquid you use in a bong has little to no effect on the taste, atleast none possitive.

    bangers is english slang for sausage, not a strain of weed.

    most of the time if a dealer gives someting a name, especially a well known name, its just to make more money and has little to do with the actual strain. only way to be sure of a strain is to grow yourself or to buy from a dispencery.
  8. Hes talking about a ten sack or a dub.

    Not 10 or 20 grams.

    20gs of shake would be crazy.
  9. And how do you you expect me to grow this strain myself or get it form a dispensary? I'm not a grower and they don't do that in this state lol, once I get somethin from this guy I'll post it up on here.

  10. it isnt a strain, atleast not a popular one that is something to talk about.
  11. Oh, well hes calling it what I said up there, do you feel anything from smoking oregano? Maybe I could tell by the way I feel, I might be getting some of this soon do pictures should be up.

    Also, the liquid in a bong has a different effect for me. I have used mountain dew one time, and tasted it mixed with the weed taste.
  12. no effect from oregano

    theres been a thread, mayb more, about the liquid effect and the majority says no effect
  13. I've seen bangers before. dont buy that. thats one step away from being schwag which is the worst of the worst.

    if you dont mind me asking, was this around the philadelphia area?
  14. Majority, everyone's different :smoke:

    No, new jersey.
    And this did not look anything like schwag, and he said what we smoked in the roach was what was in the bag, it definitely was not schwag at all. The first hit felt beautiful.
  15. then he is either legit or he used some good stuff for the first smoke and is jacking you on the rest
  16. I was thinking there could have been something different in the roach, like you said, the only way I'll find out is to smoke it, and from what your reviews give me
  17. lmao. this thread is full of fail.

    1-Philidelphia might as well be New Jersey. Its across a bridge...
    2-Bangers is most likely a term for weed, and sounds bad tbh.
    3-Your friend didnt make a special blend with his buddy.
    4-Your friend is full of shit, and dont buy pre ground weed
    5-You have to be 18 to post here
  18. 1. He asked if it was near his area, clearly it is not. Yes philly is next to nj, but I wasn't near him

    2. I'm just saying what I heard.

    3. He's not my friend, just some guy I met today

    4. Not my friend >.>

    5. I never said I was younger than 18 ?
  19. I recently was offered "bangers" as well and am a bit skeptical, on here everyone is saying it is horrible but usually my friend never lets me down in these types of situations. No one really knows to much about this or not :confused:

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