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  1. A few days ago I bought a dime of this guy I know in the morning and at lunch I was talkin to him and we decided we wouldnt go to sport, so that gave us about 2 hours to blaze up, We went and got our other friend and set of on our journey.

    None of us had any pipes or lighters so we walked up town to the local head shop (Puffin Billies) but came accross two cops lookin for a guy called William Woka, they where pretty cool and didnt say anything to us about ditchin school, i guess they had bigger worries. Anyways we got to the shop and bought a $5.50 mini hand pipe, we then walked down the street to crazy clarks and bought a pac of something like 10 lighters for 3 or so dollars.

    We where walkin around a bit more trying to find a spot, but i swear there was cops swarmin everywhere so we decided to go to another friends place who was still at school and just sneak into his shed (which is always open) and blaze there.

    We got there and wasnt sure if his dad was still at work or not so we knocked on the door, no answer. So we walked around the back and went into the shed. We all sat down on the couch and put all our shit on the table in front of us, my dime of hydro and another 2 dimes that my friend brought along of schwagg.

    Friend number 1 *lol* loaded a bowl in the pipe and pulled that. He then passed it to me and i loaded a phat bowl of the dro', pretty good shit, the first hit was pretty harsh though. "Friend 1" suggested we made a bong but we had absolutley nothing but a cone piece to use so friend number 2 used the bike in the back yard to go get a bottle of water. While he was gone me and 1 scampered all over the backyard lookin for something to use as the chamber, we ended up finding some petrol shypher thing for the boat or something, no idea what it was. Number 2 came back with the bottle, we drunk a little bit of the water and left enuff for the bong.....in about 10 seconds we created the ghettoest bong.

    We sat there there a while smokin more untill there was only a little left, half way through number 2's hit we hear the house door close...............we just froze.......it was his dad back from work, we didnt know what to do at all, we pocketed all our shit and left the bong sittin there, we tried to keep quiet but me and number one just started crakin up, after we calmed down, we ended up jumpin out the back window of the shed, number 1 went first and jumped over the back neighbours fence, me and 2 when the other way, we peaked round the corner and say his dad starin at us, we bolted through the neighbours yard and jumped about another two fences.

    Then we all met up again and walked back up to the school, number 1 had to go to the police station for an incident that happend last week, number 2 got picked up by his parents also and i just rode home :p

    ahhh the good times, might not sound to interesting to you guys but it was coo when it happened
  2. friend 1 went to the cop station after tokin?
  3. yeah man, hes a crazy fool, everything went all good and everything. He had to go because of getting caught about to blaze at school, he had nothing on him but since the other guys had a bong and a $25'er on them my friend just got busted for being there
  4. dude.. that is one funky story. ta for posting I most enjoyed :)

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