Bang Seeds On Flowering..Pic Need Help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xchip7, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. I've been flowering them for a while it looks like it's doing good it's very sticky sorry about the pictures will get better one soon i've been growing on cfl light nothing big just trying to learn how to grow i just want to know when to harvest them there budding nice and coverd with sugar lol...also i forgot you think it can been done by september 20 cause i move soon and i want to try it lol thanks

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  2. Nice plant, Sry tho I cant answer it! I'm new to this to, Try pm or wright to Mr.postman or DierWolf... ´they are both great growers (My thoughts) and knows allmost anything about everything conser'n growing. Have read alot from their threads! Go check it out, learn from them :)
    Good luck!
  3. You need to get a 60-100X microscope and look at the buds, you are looking at the tricombs they start off clear and go a milky white, then to an amber color, this is when you want to harvest when they are at the amber stage!

    I am on my first harvest, and my plants have been in flowering for 9 weeks now, I am flushing them this week and will be harvesting hopfully next weekend, I just have to keep an eye on the tricombs.

    You can really harvest the plant anytime you want but the longer you leave it, the more poetent it will be!! You really should keep dates of when the plant went into flower so you know when the next stage is, and what not...

    Are you feeding it any nutrients ? or just plain ol' tap water? Chaging the pH level of the water at all?

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