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  1. Where do I get themmmmmmm

    All the ones here are gay. I want some good ones for my shaggy mane
  2. around here you can buy em anywhere, just go to a "gangsta" clothing store and they sell rags for like .99 each
  3. American Apperal sells do-rag type thingeys.
  4. what like a rag or a sweet hippie one?
  5. hippie, like roll it up and wrap it around if ye get me
  6. I have two. wear em all the time. I would ship you one but that seem to risky to be doing stuff with personal info. Oh and go to walmart or an army surplus store
  7. idk i think a lot of clothing stores or whatever would have them.
    i've seen them at macy's lol
  8. go to a flea market
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    yeah, any kind of open vendors(flea market) should have them, i know for a fact(idk if you have them there) but the store "Tilly's" or "PacSun" or other skateboard shops usually have them.

    edit: reading peoples post below i forgot to say internet
  10. Cheapest would be mass on ebay or flea market.
  11. If you want a hippie bandanna, just make one. Buy some fabric you like, cut it and wear it. Best way to go for a "hippie" bandanna. Thats hat the lead singer of MGMT does aswell, which his bandanna's look pretty dope
  12. I was gonna say pacsun, journeys or internet.

  13. walmart lol
  14. I find it funny how all this time, I've only seen Barnkis post threads like the Psychedelic hotline, and never anything else, and here's a thread asking about bandanna's haha!

    I say we sticky it for all who seek bandanna advice to read!
  15. really, cuz i see his posts all the time.:confused_2::confused_2:

    i like the idea of making one out of fabrick you like.:smoking::smoking:
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    Down here in central mo we have lots of 'thrift-shop' type places. Thats like Missouri codename for, "This place sell pipes bongs and other stoner type things" All around we have mom and pop type stores that do their own tiedye.

    There's one place called Frick and Frack and the have a chain hooked to the ceiling and on every link there are different tie dyed bandanas and do-rags but they can get costly like 10$ and up.
    So i would say to just check around at wal-mart or target. They are only 89c a piece here.

    You could get white ones and die em yourself.

    As for pac-sun- all of the ones ive ever been to dont have any bandanas. Some have hats and shoes, some dont, but for sure ive never seen bandanas.

    Hope i helped, i sorta rambled a bit.

    Edit: I went to pacsuns webbie, and i couldnt find any bandanas.

    They have cute bathing suits though.. :)
  17. yeah thats what Im gonna do. one it's done ill hit the bong and incriminate myself
  18. Get some white cloth and tie dye some yourself...

    I think it's a fun activity.
  19. Yea.. I never heard of pacsun selling bandanas.

    Just go to your local mall and go to the clothing stores.

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