Band Camp and Medical MJ

Discussion in 'General' started by ludivicomethod, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Well, I'm quite surprised we don't have a medical forum on here, so I chose this one.

    Today was the first day of marching band camp, and my shoulders hurt like fuck from the bass drum, so I'm tryin to get some bud for medicine. First time I've ever done that, but I think it'll be just the ticket.
  2. Ok, sounds good but id bet money that he wouldnt give it to yah. =)

  3. that who wouldnt give it to me?
  4. I think icecreamkid was thinking you were talking about trying to get a prescription for medical marijuana for your band camp pains....but you were just talking about using illegal buds to smoke and ease the a self medication
  5. I thought it was a given that marijuana was automatically taken to band camp with you. LOL. I know we all did....that was the best part of the whole experience........the drugs and alcohol. I always hated marching season though. Spent 8 yrs in band but I played the wonder I never got sore. LOL.
  6. i love being medicated
  7. yeah, thatd be nice if i could just go get me some marinoal presicription man, but i was just tryin to get some bud like usual, cept this time my fuckin shoulder hurt.

    yeah, i got a buddy that plays flute and loves it all, but hes playin flute, so it aint quite the same.

    ill get some tommorow afternoon, and then ill be chillin. its nice to see nubbin givin me replies and all that.

    sorry. im drubk man, i found the white zin.
  8. I had it all pictured out, this kid going to the 'camp conselor, or nurse or whatever') and saying he "needed: medical marijuana for his pains. I chuckled.

    aint it great how it works for those aches and pains though. =)


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