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    Hey city,

    Back around the time MGMT's Congratulations came out, I did a doodle that I just pulled out and decided to ink in and do some coloring on. I couldn't find my inking pens so I guess sharpie it'll be.

    I'll post up the original pencil, followed by inked and colored versions. My scanners broken, so I'll be posting pictures of the picture.

    Thought this would be a cool place for anyone else to post band-inspired artwork.





    Thoughts and interpretations welcome - it started out as a quick pencil doodle and I'm really happy with the final result. Inking was done with a Sharpie and ballpoint pen, coloring was done with Crayola Classics. Obviously I'm no serious artist, but this has been a fun way to kill some time.
  2. Looking forward to your input.
  3. In reply to your comment: "On what?" - well I see no pictures, so post em up and show your skill!

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