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  1. Ok this is going to sound really dumb and no one will probably believe me. But for a while i was feeling really weird and i thought i was going psycho or something like everything felt like a dream or deja vu or something. Then I ate a banana. Now when i eat a banana i feel normal and i feel really happy which is kind of weird. Is this maybe because im not getting enough potasium or something?
  2. or perhaps your just high.
  3. if it is that changing get on some multi vitamins bro, you can feel that way all the time, its how your supposed to feel
  4. yeah maybe i should it would probably give me more energy to.
  5. It can also be a psychological connection with the banana and your feeling of comfort and being safe.
  6. so basically im probably schizo or something?....Fuck Me
  7. no... and odds are it's just lack of vitamins, just a proper diet in general... I know if I'm not eating right I feel tired and pretty irritable, this goes with sleep too.

    Just get on a good eating diet/schedule and see what happens... take out the variables and go from there.
  8. People forget that food is medicine, too. We need a balance of vitamins and minerals from many sources.
  9. is it just me, or does this thread have a very slight homo-sexual feel to it?
  10. yeah dude i have to admit i have a pretty shitty diet. Im gonna start eating fruits and veggies and some vitamins and see how it goes from there.
  11. Haha. That reminds me of something..."sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Yeah? Well some times it's a big black dick!"
  12. i didnt read most of the comments but i saw the word "cigar" so im guessing someone beat me to it: using what i have learned about Sigmund Freud, and Freudian theories and all that jazz, i am pretty sure that what you need for complete happiness is multiple penises surrounding you everywhere in your life :D
    but yeah im guessing you just need more vitamins. humans are dumb animals. if a child needs calcium he or she will eat a piece of chalk. if you felt like shit and ate a banana, maybe you need whatever chemical that you can get from a banana. or try eating yellow stuff. white/yellowish stuff. yeah.
  13. you do anything else with banana's?! I've seen some crazy black porn stars do crazy shit with that LOL.

    I think you know why....
  14. Dont let banana withdrawal take over your life man

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